Leather Jackets on Active Endeavor Website

  1. They have four different pieces up.


    I like the hooded jacket, not too much the model wearing it though.
  2. I don't like any of the jackets - but wow, the leather that they used is fabulous! Especially the brown one on the hoodie.
  3. Leather looks nice...
  4. The leather is the only nice thing about those jackets. The styles are not very appealing at all.
  5. I don't mind the camel color one that ties in the front. Not that I would actually buy one, but it doesn't bother me. If they would come out with a classic, timeless style that wasn't trendy, I would take a closer look.
  6. I can't believe how much they're trying to cash in on the Mike & Chris phenomenon. The hoodies, the sleeves, it's a downright copy - and even more marked up than Mike and Chris!