leather jackets around $500 and under??

  1. Who makes a nice buttery type leather jacket *black or brown* for around $500 or less? I am 5'2 and around 110 pounds. thanks!
  2. There are alot of leather jackets for that price, but why don't ya try Target's Go Designer's brown leather jacket-its really nice! and for 139.99. i LIKE THAT YOU CAN WEAR WITH JEANS AS WELL AS A FLOWY DRESS:tup:.
  3. Nordstrom sells a brand called Bernardo that runs about $300. They make several of their styles in petite too if you need it. I don't know if the petite jackets are online but I have seen them in the stores.

    I bought this one during the anniverary sales for $200. As long as you order their "lamb" leather it is buttery soft. I get a lot of compliments on it. I have another jacket by this brand from a few years ago and the quality has been great. It still looks brand new even though I don't baby it at all.

  4. Nordstrom also carries a brand called 'June' they run around $500 but during sale it goes down to $300. they're super soft, too.
  5. banana republic makes nice leather jackets in the 300 range