Leather jacket

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  1. Hey everyone
    So I'm buying a biker leather jacket. I tried two on yesterday one my size one smaller. The smaller one looked the best open, I can close it but I can't layer it and it kinda squashes my bust lol
    My size looks too big open but I can close it more comfortably with a knit underneath.
    Any opinions what I should do? My leather jacket main purpose will really be for the in between seasons like now and for fashion rather than to keep me really warm.

    Any advice what I should do?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Anyone???
  3. I would buy the one which does up - my biker zips up comfortably which is useful if you get caught in the wind or rain...

    Definitely the bigger one!
  4. I agree. I rarely zip up my leather jackets, but when I need to, I'm really glad that I can. I also love layering with them. Even if you don't intend to layer or wear it when its cold, I think its nice to have options!
  5. if it's for fashion purposes only, i'd say get the smaller sized one since it looks better open. i usually dont zip mine up either. that way, i can wear a slightly heavier knit if it gets a bit chillier, instead of wearing the tissue tees or tops that i wear now when it's still relatively warm. a scarf also looks better imo with an open jacket.
  6. You seem to have answers both ways - better try them both on again and see which you think is the Right one...