Leather jacket shopping in Vegas ???

  1. Hi girls, i will be going to Vegas next week and i plan to do a little shopping therapy, can anyone tell me where would be a good place to buy hot, trendy leather jackets for men. Any other help would be soooooooo greatly appreciated, like best place to buy high end jeans, form fitting cotton t-shirts, maybe some cool comfy hoodies, stuff like that. Thank you guys !!!:heart:
  2. Bernini for men's jackets. They usually have lots of leathers and lots of furs. I believe there are stores at Caesar's, MGM, and also an outlet in the mall at Charleston & I-15.

    Any of the casino malls (Caesar's, Planet Hollywood, Venetian) will have places to buy high end jeans, t's, etc., as will the Fashion Show Mall. If you're looking for girls' hoodies, I'd start with Juicy at Caesar's.
  3. Thank you soooo much for your help !