"Leather is slightly worn"

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  2. i like the look of the dark vachette personally
    it looks gorgeous to me :heart:
  3. :nuts: :lol:
  4. OMG, that is too funny.
  5. slightly worn, huh. yeah, just a tad.
  6. Colour's cute, but it's just a weee bit past slightly worn....:yes:
  7. :sick:
  8. It is a littel to worn.
  9. The bag looks like it's seen the floor of every public bathroom in the country!!! :yucky:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. LOL.. slightly too dark for my taste.
  12. Yeah, after a double take, I agree as well ;)
  13. slightly worn? try slightly skanky! bleh! that is dirt not patina!
  14. Agreed! :yucky:
  15. That´s a LOT worn.