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  1. When I was trying a BV messager bag the other day, I discover that the suede interior lining that BV used to have has been changed to man-made materials. I found it unacceptable, especially when BV is soooo pound of its leather and keep on raising its prices. The SA kept on saying that this will make the bag lighter and easier to keep clean bah bah bah. I just thanked her and left.

    Does anyone have preference like me that bags / wallets / small leather goods should also have leather lining, instead of nylon (except Prada of course) or man-made materials? Or am I just a bit too fussy?
  2. I'm not sure what style you were considering, but as far as I know most BV bags are lined in suede. Were you at a BV Boutique? I'm responding as a contributing member of the BV sub-forum... You might post a query there about this instance instead of degrading the whole fashion house.
  3. Actually I found out recently as well. Just check out this link:


    It's not suede. It's velour, which is a manufactured material. It still looks really luxurious, though.

    I prefer the luxurious appeal of leather lining, but I find that canvas is a more practical material to line bags with. Not only is it lighter, it's also easier to clean. For people living in humid places, the leather interior (especially in pockets/compartments where the leather lining comes in contact with itself) starts to stick together and peel when separated.

    Canvas is also more scratch resistant.

    With leather lined bags, I may have to baby the inside as much as the outside to prevent damage, and that can get inconvenient (i.e. like having to carefully reach into my bag for things in order to prevent scratching the leather lining).
  4. Your link points to a Knot clutch, for heaven's sake - Knots are always unique and made out of different materials. That's a artist piece.

    Have you had a Bottega Veneta with the suede lining? They use pig skin suede and it's feather-light. And durable.
  5. I don't get that you're trying to trash BV, and I would've walked away as well if I was given that info, because I too prefer suede/leather lined bags (to answer your original question). I bought a Chèvre doctors type bag from BV a few years ago and it was between that, and a Tods (similar silhouette and same function). The BV won simply because of the leather outside and (the super light and supple suede) inside. I've also passed on Chanels, LVs, Pradas, and Hermès (the Victoria) simply because they weren't lined in leather/suede.

    Hopefully for BV, the SA just wasn't right about what they were talking about (which isn't unheard of).
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    On the one hand... have you taken a peek at preloved BVs with suede lining? Some are grimy (or discolored or stained)... from hands reaching in and out... and from lack of care. Suede simply isn't what I would consider a "durable" material, no more than I would consider a pair of suede boots "everyday" boots. Although suede is lovely, it's not my first preference for the lining of a handbag. (Of course, inserts mitigate wear on suede and leather interiors.)

    Meanwhile... BV is not the only retailer to offer expensive handbags with non-leather interiors. Hermes, Chanel, and Dior all offer pricey bags with non-leather interiors. Alternatively, some people prefer non-leather-lined handbags, because they're cheaper, and/or lighter, and/or easier to maintain (in their opinion) than leather lined alternatives.

    In the end... I think there's a place in a wardrobe for a variety of handbags and small accessories... in a variety of materials... both inside and out. It's simply unnecessary to have an "all or nothing" approach to this sort of thing, imo.

  7. Strangely enough, I've only ever bought a BV bag NEW once - the rest have been pre-loved, and I've never found grime from oily hands inside one of my BV bags. The bane of any handbag, however: Exploding ink pens, which is a disaster for any bag. I won't buy a bag that has ink inside of it.

    I'm done. Interesting conversation - thanks to those who've added different makers to the mix and didn't leave BV out there hanging in the wind...
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    I've seen discloration/staining near the opening of bags on "gently used" to "well used" BVs. "Like new" preloved bags don't often possess this issue. It would appear, to me, that such staining would be consistent with hands reaching in and out of a bag. Aside from the opening... staining, throughout, is not uncommon in "gently used" to "well used" suede-lined BVs.

    But any bag, with a leather/suede interior could suffer from such discloration after use! And many "gently used" to "well used" bags do... especially when leather/suede interiors are not black.



  9. I am a big fan of Anya Hindmarch bags and for many years she lined her bags in suede, which made them very heavy. A few years ago she started using logo fabric. This season, for the Ebury, which is about a $2,000 bag, she is lining it with PVC that is bonded to the leather exterior-marketing it as a lighter bag. I worry that over time, the PVC will deteriorate and ruin the bag altogether.

    So yes, I agree with you, I like my high end bags to be lined in leather or suede.
  10. I agree; leather/suede lining makes it look that much more upscale. It baffles me when people pay leather prices for all cloth bags!
  11. I will buy the odd Summer bag with a pretty textile lining but on the whole I only buy bags with leather or suede linings (and no, hey don't need to be heavy if lined in chevre or lamb etc)

    From my understanding and experience BV often makes men's bags lined in cotton but women's bags are mostly lined in suede. They don't have the hardware of some other makers so are usually very light in comparison regardless. I don't have any BVs not lined in leather or suede. I wonder if it was a man's style you looked at :thinking:.
  12. i agree. usually the men's line is not leather/ suede lined.
    the bv non leather bags aren't leather lined as well but i guess that makes sense.
  13. It is absolutely not true that I am trying to 'degrade the whole fashion house'! In fact, I have been using BV for more than 4 years: its tote bag, coin purse, card holders, leather bracelets, zip wallet. BV used to use suede for men's messager bag, and now is cotton (or man-made material? I am not sure). It's prices keep on soaring, however. While I went to a boutique and asked for a messager bag with suede lining, the SA responded that BV bags are now not in suede lining and looked at me as if I were a misinformed idiot. BV is expensive, and please keep up with its production quality, and please spend more time on training its staff.

  14. My sincere apologies. This was a case of an SA being ill-trained and rude; as such she/he was representing Bottega Veneta, ipso facto, 'the whole fashion house'. I worded my response to you incorrectly.
  15. I like a thick cotton lining the best; my Lumi bags have a gorgeous, deep blue cotton lining that fits like a glove. My Mulberry pieces have no lining = they are suede inside, and I'm okay with it. I still use them. The only thing that worries me is carrying a pen in my mustard color Antony messenger; to have a pen explosion in a light colored bag will be the end of it! That's why I put the pen (that I have to have with me) in a slim pen pouch.

    I have never, ever seen a pre-loved designer bag with a lining that's been smudged by hands' oils, however I have seen some that have had their interiors destroyed by careless use; hand cream, make up, soda bottles, all kinds of things that haven't been carefully closed before throwing them in the bag...

    A high end fashion house like BV using something else than leather, suede or natural fibre lining is like a Cadillac Escalade that has a dashboard made of cheap plastic. NOT acceptable with the price point and pride associated with the label!