Leather in the rain?

  1. I've had my one and only Coach purse for a while now, but I barely ever use it because it has been raining alot. What will happen if I take it in the rain? It is all leather. Won't it get waterspots or something?
  2. not at all. i really couldn't tell you the number of coach leather bags i have (at least 10) and I never gave a second thought to using them in the rain. we wear leather coats in the winter...snow melts on the leather with no problems...same difference.
  3. No, the only leather that will get waterspots and all is the untreated vachetta, but regular leather will be fine!
  4. I use all my leather bags in the rain...including my messenger with vachetta trim. They all look fine.
  5. :sad: I'm still really nervous to use it in the rain.
  6. i don't really know what to tell you...just think of all the leather things in our lives...purses, coats, shoes, boots...you don't think twice of getting your shoes wet or your coat wet, a leather bag is the same thing. you're spending $200 + on a leather bag, don't you think the quality would be able to withstand rain? i use my LVs in the rain, I use all my Coach in the rain.
  7. I use my Coach purses in the rain too.. the leather on them is treated so you don't have to worry about water spots or anything else. As long as you have an umbrella and your purse isn't sitting outside on the street getting rained on, you should be fine.

    LV vachetta on the other hand is untreated so I'm super reluctant to take those out when it rains LOL. Ohh that reminds me.. if you're still really worried about water damage to your bag try spraying it with a Leather Protectant like Shining Monkey. I'm about to pick up a bottle of it tmw! :smile:
  8. Coach bags are very sturdy bags. Something all leather will do just fine in the rain. I take my coach bags out all the time. There was a thread about this awhile ago. Let me get it so you can see everyone's varying opinions on Coach bags and rain.