Leather in Fuchsia

  1. Can someone please tell me what leather does fuchsia come in? I can only think of the following:

    Niloticus Croc
    Porosus Croc

    Any other ones? And yes, I'm seriously contemplating getting fuchsia in every single leather possible ... I can't help that I'm addicted to pink:lol:
  2. I'm addicted to pink too but not fuschia. I prefer very light pink, baby pink. Fuschia is too bright for me. I think fuschia comes in all leathers that you mention above.
  3. I would love to have something in baby pink or light pink too. Unfortunately I don't think that'll ever happen to me ... :Push:

    Does fuchsia come in other leather besides the ones I mention? It'd be great if they come in clemence or togo as well ...
  4. I think my SA mentioned that there was a fuchsia Togo kelly sold some time ago...
  5. I am quite sure it does...I have my eye on a chevre and a togo right now. If it doesn't come in togo, then I need to know what color I am looking at!!! The SA told me it was fuschia in togo, but she was not the best hate to say.
  6. There is a SLIGHT possibility that it also comes in box calf. I say slight because I saw it about 2 years ago, and it may have been a raspberry.
    it was a agenda cover, and I saw it in Paris.
  7. Oooh, speaking of raspberry, I saw a frambois scarf ring. It's such a rich color in box calf!
  8. kou-I have fushia in ostrich Birkin and alligator in bearn wallet. So, I can tell you the difference in these two leathers.

    Ostrich:Yeh, it is bright pink, but NOT like high-lighter pink:biggrin: . It is really pretty pink with very slight purple undertone into pink. I become like 'WOW...!!!:heart: ' each time I open the orange box and dust bag to take out my birkin to use it.

    Alligator:It is definetly BRIGHT pink. It looks totally different color on alligator from ostrich. It is a lot more vibrant, deep, and powerful (?) pink than on ostrich.:flowers:
  9. Oh boy, now i'm definitely certain i have to get pink in every type of exotic leather since they're each a different shade of pink. That means fuchsia ostrich, fuchsia niloticus, fuchsia porosus, fuchsia lizard, fuchsia vibrato (ok, that's not really exotic but it's different), and fuchsia alligator. Time to buy that lottery ticket ...:lol:

    You know what would be really cool? If only they make sharkskin purses and in fuchsia!
  10. Sharkskin purses in fuschia??????????? I wonder how it looks like :huh:
  11. I've seen sharkskin in watch strap. The texture is very very different and unique. The color also comes out in a very interesting shade. Unfortunately, I was told that Hermes doesn't make purses in shark skin. If they do, I know I'd love to have a clutch or something in fuchsia sharkskin. IMO, it doesn't get any more exotic than that!:P
  12. kou, how's your order for fuschia ostrich birkin coming along? Has the paypal been cleared? I hope everything is fine.
  13. I've seen fuchsia in the leathers you mentioned. I'm guessing, it might also come in box.
  14. I believe I saw a Kelly in fuschia box or chamonix, cannot be certain. Looked rather dull though in that leather.