Leather Honey for Bals, yay or nay?

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  1. Hey guys, I 've ordered a 8 Oz bottle but I'm a little confused for the diversity of pro and contra opinions. What do you recomend?. Does it really work on any Bal?. TIA!:smile:

    psd: There's an old thread about but doesn't work.
  2. Honestly, I've never used it but there seems to be so many polar opposite opinions on it that I've steered away. I know that doesn't really help, sorry!
  3. Of course it helps!:smile: I think it does´t work on color/stain restored Bal leather but I may test it in any of my blacks to see what it happens..
    Thank you for your input!:flowers:
  4. The only thing I can say for sure is that everyone says to use it sparingly, but I'm sure you've read that too....please post pics, I'm curious as heck...
  5. I've warned about Leather Honey several times. It is not safe to use on light colored older chevre leathers. It has a propensity to bring up dark stains that are probably the result of the variation in the leather that doesn't show up until you put the product on.

    At times, the stains will lighten as the leather begins to dry, but there are instances where it will never lighten up, and the bag is ruined.

    However, the very dark colors, especially the black should be just fine. I wouldn't worry about putting it on any black Bal, I just tried it on a dark brown lambskin crossbody, and it didn't create a problem.
  6. Thank you Conni and muchstuff for your help. I was thinking just the same!:smile:
    After reading almost the whole tread about, that was I finally determined. I will try first a little on my blacks..
  7. I used it on my bordeaux colored city. It didn't cause any problems, but nor did I see any real difference, it just added a little bit more shine. I'm planning to order apple garde. Fingers crossed!
  8. leather honey is thick stuff. you need to spread it well over the surface gently and let it dry over a few days (1 week if possible).

    i only use them on dark coloured (black, brown) bags from various brands and so far, the results are good.
  9. I think leather honey is hard to work with.
  10. I've now used it on a couple of bags, one dark and one light and while I've seen some improvement in both bags it's not a miracle worker IMHO. Both bags were suffering from dryness and fading and it did darken the colours on both a little and they do feel somewhat more moisturized. Surprisingly, no problems on the praline Day, I fully expected there to be some enhancement of any colour variation and it did look like it darkened in a few areas but once it dried that went away. However, there's a warning on the bottle about the possibility of colour variation showing up with light coloured leathers so would I try it on a favourite light coloured bag that I paid a lot for? Probably not. I'm still looking to find the perfect moisturizing product...
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  11. How long does the darkening effect from Leather Honey last? A couple of months or longer before the bag starts lightening again?
  12. Honestly, I've sold one and the other hasn't seen the light of day since I used the Leather Honey so I can't say, sorry!