Leather Honey Conditioner/Moisturizer

  1. Hi! Have anyone used it on Louis Vuitton's vachetta? :thinking:
  2. I just treated my new Gris Poivre City with Leather Honey. It already looks great! My goal was to smooth the leather that was a bit dry and reduce the "marbling". And it did exactly that, the colour is much more saturated now. I'm curious to see how it looks like tomorrow!
    Btw thanks for all the great tips here. I didn't apply the product to the handles and used a makeup sponge. The make-up sponge fell apart in the process though. ;)
  3. So that is what HRH stands for? I was ALWAYS curious too, and was just about to ask but you, lovehandbags! beat me to the punch. :lol:

    Apply it with your hands, that is the preferred method of applying LH. It feels just like honey and I'm afraid that if you use a sponge or a brush that you won't get a good idea of how the treatment is "sinking in." Hands all the way.

    Oh and don't be scurred. Just remember that a little goes a long way. So start with just a tiny bit in the palm of your hand first. About the size of a dime.
  4. Just ordered some of this, fingers crossed it helps my new ink day a little, and extends it's life. Will post before and after shots.
  5. Why would you want to use this on LV vachetta? It would darken it by a whole lot, don't people usually want the vachetta to stay lighter?
  6. Would love to see some pics!
  7. We do like a little tan on the vachetta! :graucho:
    I put some on my brand new bag with very light vachetta yesterday. It looked darken at the beginning. After a several hours it became light again; but of course i can see a very slight darker than when i first got! Love it! Now i feel safe using it cuz i dont want to get watermarks on it.
  8. Ah, I see! Makes sense since the brand new virgin vachetta would probably stain easily. When I was into LV, I remember some girls had said that they used baby oil on the vachetta to do the same thing. Have you tried that? :smile:
  9. From what I'm reading, I don't think LH protects against watermarks but is used only for conditioning/moisturizing purposes. At least that's the purpose on this thread...
  10. No... I've never tried baby oil! I would think that it would stain the vachetta badly instead! Applegard & Wilson leather protector are the ones I also used. After reading about LH, I wanted to use it on both of my Bals & LVs. One bottle for everything! :cool:
  11. I hope LH would help prevent watermarks because it does say WATER REPELLENT on the bottle like other leather protectant bottle i've used. We'll see!
  12. I'm sooooo happy I came across this thread! I just recently purchased a Castagna Work, and the leather is crazy papery dry, especially the bottom panel. I was so disappointed when i receive the bag, but after reading everyone's posts I feel there's hope now! I just ordered LH from Amazon and will share some before/after photos with all you wonderful people later! BIG THANK YOU's to all of you!!!
  13. Hi - I've just seen your other post re my castagna...I no longer have the bag, but I was going to recommend Leather Honey - that should do the trick, good luck and congrats on your new bag!
  14. Sorry to reply so late on this!
    I don't really have any good before&after pictures so these two are both after pictures.
    The leather looks a lot "juicier" and more saturated than before.
    GPafter 001.jpg GPafter 002.jpg
  15. Your bag looks gorgeous Younna!! Really lovely!

    Hi everyone :smile: I just tried my Honey on part of a tassel (LOL, I know, I am a total wuss! But I have had bad experiences with other products before so I am VERY cautious!) I will post back with a full tassel report later, ha!

    Hi ReRe! Sounds good! Thanks so much!