Leather Honey Conditioner/Moisturizer

  1. Anyone try a product called Leather Honey? It's from a company that has been around for 40 years. I found it recently and tried it on my Chataigne City. (I read alot of positive results and asked a TPFr about it before using it.) Love the results!

    My Chataigne was gorgeous milk chocolate brown. However, since I decided to keep it, I thought I'd moisturize it a bit with something other than LMB. I've been ok with LMB results but wanted something better.

    The leather feels way thicker. The color deepened to the original dark rich brown! Edges look amazing. There is still a sheen to the leather.

    Easy application. No lingering smell, so my bag still smells of the amazing leather.

    Effect on color: This is an 09 Chataigne so it did fade a little before I even received it. However, the leather honey has deepened the color to the original shade of deep brown.

    I looked at before and after shots. You cannot really see the color difference in the photos so I didn't bother with before shots. All are after shots and I think the bag turned out great!

    After Leather Honey. Beautiful rich brown, in the sunshine

    Changed the bag's position to show the darker areas. Can you see a slightly darker shade of brown in the lower left section of the bag? I really put on alot of leather honey there. If you don't want this...apply small amounts very evenly across the leather.

    Darkening on the side panels. Both side panels look like this. I put on ALOT of leather honey, so now it's super saturated with moisturizer. But I really like the look! Very vintage! Looks naturally aged.

    Gorgeous, moist rich back panel. I did my best application on this side. Very even. Not overly saturated with leather honey.

    Caution: Use a little at a time and apply very evenly. I did ask LeatherHoney about the darkening. I was told that the pores of the leather will soak up this conditioner/moisturizer. As the moisturizer eventually evaporates from the leather, the darkening will lighten. So, light even applications to try to avoid darkening. However, I actually like this effect for my Chataigne b/c it has more of a vintage look now.

    The leather honey will feel slightly sticky like thin honey (hence the name) but will be fine once it is dry. You just wipe off any excess with a soft dry cloth. Takes about 24 hours to completely dry.

    I like that you don't get the papery dry feel that you can get with LMB products. The leather feels smooth and moist.

    I am REALLY happy with the results. I certainly am not saying get online and order it today or replace your LMB. I'm just letting you guys know that this is something I tried and am really happy with my results.

    If you get it, test on a discrete spot first...especially since it can make the leather color richer, perhaps deeper. Want to make sure you like how it turns out before applying on the entire bag. My brown was just the ideal color for my first try at this.

    You can always email them and ask questions. I got replies fairly promptly (within about 12 hours and faster). You can find them at LeatherHoney.com. Very inexpensive. A little goes a very long way.
  2. Hi there - thanks for posting this. It is always good to know there are inexpensive products out there that work really well. I've actually found that bals are really a lot tougher than they look. I don't really think you need the expensive lotions and potions. I love your chataigne and although you like the look - I would imagine the darker bits will soon revert back. Be interesting for you to post an update in a week or two? Glad you have decided to keep it!
  3. May I just ask after your poupre - I've always listed after this colour. Is it more pinky than reddy?!
  4. Mere Girl! Funny...I'm so not surprised you read this since I've seen you so much in the maintenance threads.

    Yes, it's great to find an inexpensive product that works well. That is a good suggestion about posting how my bag is doing after a week. It feels sooooo amazing. LMB always left that dry feeling I didn't like so much. This feels great! Yes, I do like the look of it right now but without the darkened areas would be great too. My first go at this certainly happened with the right color of bag. I will update in about a week on any changes.

    It's definitely more pinky but in a darker mellow way. I love this color. It fulfills what pink and red would do for my collection. Although Sanguine brightens up my collection, Pourpre is my beautiful POP.
  5. Mere Girl....I just thought of something. One hopes that leather moisturizer/conditioner stays in the leather for a good long time. So, we may not see much change in the overly saturated areas of my bag in a week's time. Makes sense right? I don't know if you can see the top of the side panels. I remember that I just lightly coated those spots and they dried to normal color. HAHA, Man I really did slather this stuff on the side panels! So, lesson learned...Don't Slather!

    I'm also really happy with the piping/edges. They feel very moist and look solid, not crackly like after LMB. After the LMB, I noticed on my Blue Roi that the edges felt fine but they still looked more crackly than I wanted.
  6. Here is the side panel. I lightly coated the top part of the side panel. It dried to normal color. The lower part is where I slather and oversaturated so it's a little darker. Notice the shoulder strap. Coated that lightly and evenly. It feels and looks amazing!


    LOVE how the edges turned out. They are all so moist, rich in color, and smooth.
  7. oh wow! might need to try that soon.
  8. Please update me the result after a week or so, as I have intention to purchase this product and I think it would be better than LMB as I have read lots of positive reviews about it too.

  9. Thanks for the tip, hrhsunshine! I just ordered a half pint (impressed that they offer free shipping on leatherhoney.com); hoping to work some magic on my '08 Sapphire RTT. It's my trusty carry-on bag, but the corners especially are starting to fade, as well as the leather near the handles. Overall the leather on this bag has held up to the demands of airline travel very, very well. I can't complain about a few scratches and light spots here and there.

    BUT - if the leather honey product can rejuvenate my RTT back to normal, all the better.

    I'll take your advice concerning the light application, and post some before/after photos for anyone else who's thinking of using the product on a "pop" color.
  10. Please give us an update once you have had a chance to use the produce ehemelay! I am very curious!!
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    Absolutely! I hope you have an even better experience based on what I've shared already. My best panels were the first 2 that I did. I was very cautious to start. Literally used one drop of leather honey at a time. Then I got too careless and used alot on the sides, thus the oversaturation. It will feel sticky until the bag all dry. I hung up the bag and let it air dry overnight...didn't use a hairdryer.

    I didn't used the leather honey on the handles.

    TIP: Don't apply LMB Miracle Shield (or possibly any LMB products) onto the leather AFTER you have used Leather Honey. I experimented on a test spot yesterday with Miracle Shield. After it dried, the spot was duller and felt kind of tacky. I already had LMB's silk serum before, but that wasn't a problem. Seems if LMB is applied afterwards, there can be a problem.

    Good luck and looking forward to shots!
  12. How does it compare to LMB's ultimate moisturizer or Apple product?
    My 08 noir is really dry and LMB does not provide long-lasting result, I just purchased the Apple product yesterday but Leather Honey sounds even better that I'm tempted to purchase it too.

  13. Thanks for the tips!

    I am going to be home for a few days this week and hopefully the Leather Honey will arrive before I take off again on Thursday... if not, I'll be able to post an update later in the month.

    After I test it out with my RTT, I may use it on the slightly faded corners of my '07 Cafe RH City.

  14. I have never used or seen the Apple products IRL so I cannot say. The LMB products (I've only used silk serum and botanical moisturizer) are like thin lotion while Leather Honey feels like honey. It is much richer and won't evaporate like the LMB. I want to keep stressing to use it sparingly b/c as LMB is really thin in consistency and will evaporate quickly, the leather honey will get absorbed and stay. You can always do a repeat application if you feel the need.

    The LMB products left the bag's leather feeling very light and not significantly moist feeling. I had to apply the silk serum to my Bleu Roi 3 times to get any significant difference. Still more on the papery side, which I am fine with for the BR.

    The Leather Honey leaves the leather feeling like it really moisturized after the single application...very soft and supple and richer in color. The parts of my bag that got the light even coats feel more like a moister version of what the bag originally was...and still with the Bal sheen. The parts where I went a bit nuts with the amount, feel really thick, meaty and vintage like and has a bit less sheen...sort of the way I imagine the 05 Caramel to feel...I love it!
  15. ^ this is exactly how i feel about LMB!
    it works okay for my Marine because it is not that dry at the first place but my Noir is all dried up like sahara, so I went ahead and purchase one! I will report back later peeps ;)

    By the way, I contacted them regarding whether they do international shipping, and they don't but they refer me to an eBay seller who does, so here is where I purchase the leather honey (for those of you who are not in the US and interested)