Leather hobo convertible crossbody bag - need info

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  1. OK, so this is what we have so far - we need more info if someone can find it for us.

    Thanks to ms-whitney for telling us this bag exists, and to Angie for finding the drilldown pic.

    Now we need ordering info and dimensions.

    HELP and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (Kind of reminds of Ali from a couple of years ago - shape is similar).
  2. Thanks Crissy11 for posting this thread. I would love to know this too.
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    I am so interested in this bag too!

    From the Fall 2010 preview thread...
    style # 15959
    available in Black and Mahagony definitely, with brass hardware...purple has been mentioned but unfortunately no drilldown yet. and now this color also.
    the dimensions someone mentioned were 14x9x1.5

    that's all I have found so far!

    edit: supposedly available with the next floorset
  4. This is great - now I can call my store and see if I can pull any other info out of them - give me a few minutes!!

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  6. it also comes in that dotted op art pple seem to love :smile: in crimson mahogany and black

    same size (about) as hailey but the shape is different,
  7. i really wish there was a picture available for purple. i'm gonna order it anyway.... cause sophia did nothing for me :sad:
  8. I'm sure someone that knows how to do the drilldown could find a picture of the purple one, I don't know how to do it, but I bet it's out there.

  9. me too! it's probably the same purple as the sophia but it would be nice to see a drilldown of this bag in that purple. I keep trying the b4px code to see if it will work but so far nothing. who knows, it could be something different too like plum or raisin or have different hardware. I've tried a bunch though and came up with nothing.
  10. well when i spoke to the girl at jax she said it didn't come in raisin which is what i had originally wanted. she said it did come in a purple though. but she didn't have a picture

  11. do we know the style # of the op art one yet?

  12. it's probably the same purple as the sophia is coming in then with the brass hardware. since the black, mahogany and clover(? the greenish one) are the same as the sophia, the purple probably is too.
  13. well i hope cause i loved the purple sophia. if this is the same size as the hailey it's perfect. i just called again and no picture she said it's the newest color added. so im just gonna make it my pce item because i don't like any of the other bags out right now in purple.
  14. Just got off the phone with my store, here are the dimensions:

    14.7" x 9.84" x 2"

    Perfect size for me!!

    I think we have most of the info we were looking for, right? Except a few more drilldown pics would be nice.