Leather help, pls

  1. I am looking at a bag that is described by the reseller as "vachette crispee fjord". I searched the reference thread and can't find anything about this leather.

    Any help out there? Is fjord heavier than box?

  2. Fjord is textured similar to Clemence, but not as soft...I'm pretty sure it is heavier than box....I remember an old thread that had pics of Fjord, several months ago...I'll see if I can find it....
  3. Do a search for Fjord - some pics in the reference thread. There was just one a few days ago about a Natural Fjord Birkin.
    Fjord is adult bull and very textured and hardy. It's quite a bit heavier than box and, I'm told, heavier than Togo and Clemence, as well.
    Fjord takes on bright colors very well but I would not carry a Fjord Birkin or Kelly because of the weight.
  4. funnyredhead i am expecting a 35 Birkin in Fjord... I am told it is textured like togo and clemence but does not slouch.. it holds the shape of the bag quite well... i will try to find a pic that was posted in the thread i started .. give me a sec
  5. this is the pic that luxwear posted.. it's a 40 birkin in natural sable in Fjord leather.. and the other is a close up i found on luxwear's site
    fjord.jpg 40birknatural2.jpg
  6. Fjord: Also textured and anti-scratch. Made from an adult Bull. More durable than Togo or Clemence, even waterproof! The only drawback of this leather is that it’s one of the heaviest…

    this is also copied from luxwear's site
  7. I have a 35cm Kelly in Fjord and it is so similar to Togo. I think it is stiffer and if you want a slouchy bag then it is not for you. Frankly, I prefer stiffer because it will hold the shape better over time. I have read that it is waterproof, but have no proof of it. It is about the same weight as Togo. Hope that helps:flowers:
  8. Fjord does hold its shape beautifully and is quite hearty. Here's a close-up of mine. I really do love this leather for bright colors or for a bag that you intend to put through a lot of use. I believe it was chanchan and the Itbag that weighed their 35cm Togo and Fjord and they both came out about the same. Although for some reason I always feel that my Fjord weighs me down a bit more than the Togo.
  9. Orchids, what a great color!!!!:love: I didn't realize that Fjord took color so well. My bag is black, not much you can do with that:P
  10. A black Birkin 30cm I recetly posted is Fjord leather. It is more textured and holds the shape better than togo or clemance. If you get size 30cm, weight is NOT a problem at all. I bought black HAC 32cm in Fjord once, and I returned it right away. One of the main reasons why I returned it was the weight. Somereason HAC 32cm felt much heavier than 30cm Birkin both in Fjord...
  11. I own 2 32 HACS in Fjord and they are definitely not light bags. One pro for this leather IMO is that it takes color very well - most colors appear more vibrant on it and if you like a very heavy textured, matte look, you'll like it. It's more of a casual look and suits certain colors and styles better than others. But it IS very heavy, especially in the HAC - perhaps it's the shorter handles which cause it to "feel" heavier to carry, since you can't hold it as easily. You really have to weigh (no pun intended:smile:) how much you like the look of the bag vs. how comfortable it is to use - it's a form vs. function thing.

    Form clearly won out for me, but I can see where it wouldn't for everyone. Definitely shouldn't be your one and only Birkin - you'd want to kill yourself after a day of carrying it.
  12. Style101, you are so wise! Thank you for the detailed info
  13. Thanks style101.. great info!
  14. Thanks, style - very informative response!
  15. I have seen water slide right off the surface, but I wouldn't run into a hurricane with it.