Leather heart charm~

  1. I got mine about a year ago i havent seen any since....ask your sa to do a search for you...:confused1:
  2. :crybaby: I don't think I'll able to find one...

    If anyone know where I can get one, please let me know.
  3. I second that. S.A.'s can find them, I wanna say I have seen one... somewhere...

    And that looks like a keychain. Remember, Hermes DOES wantto sell it's inventory so just let them know what you need, and I'm sure they'd love to help.

    Hint: Go IN to ask. It makes you look more serious and it's a nice trip anyways. If you can help it, don't call.
  4. I did ask, but they said there's no more left in Australia :crybaby: !!! PLEASE~ if anyone knows where they might have one, let me know!!!

    Thanks :heart:
  5. any updates?
  6. I couldn't find it~ :crybaby:

    Any hope??
  7. I want one so badly.
  8. ^ me too!
  9. I asked in London today, none left here, sorry.
  10. Amsterdam is out too. Good luck, hope you find one.
  11. Paris is out of them, unfortunatly, sorry!
  12. ^^ Thank you so much everyone :shame:

    Even there's none left, but thanks for looking for me!!!