Leather handbags in dry conditions..

  1. Im not sure if that is the right wording. Anyway the air in my apartment is very dry!
    A little background on this... My skin is continuously dry and we just bought a new table about a month ago...it has a dark finish on top, I will now assume it is a laminate finish or some sort. Anyway the laminate or whatever it is has seperated itself from the table and there is now a gap so it seems the dryness has caused the wood to shrink a little.

    Ok so anyway back to the real question, since it is so dry will my leather handbags get dry also. Any kind of skin needs a certain level of moisture or it will eventually crack and not look as nice so is there anything I should be putting on my bags to keep them moisturized and protect them.
  2. get some apple guarde leather conditioner! Works great!


    u can also search this in balenciaga forum
  3. I second those, and Leather CPR cream works great too!
  4. I think any leather cream will do. It also helps if you can put your bag in an air tight container or at least a big rubbermaid tub to hold in the moisture. :smile:
  5. Sounds like a humidifier might help? Not for the bags, but for your skin. As for the bags, I too recommend Apple conditioner.
  6. I agree with balihai on the humidifier! Or put wide, flat dishes of water in each room so the air can rehumidify itself.

    Anyway, I use the leather moisturiser from lovinmybags.com when my leathers get dry!
  7. Anyway, I use the leather moisturiser from lovinmybags.com when my leathers get dry![/quote]
    The pre-treatment and moisturizer is really good esecially for sensitive leather. my experience with apple conditioner on sensitive leather isn't good at all because it dried out the leather even more. I'd suggest that you try out any product on a place on the bag that is hidden and wait for a day so that you can see if it's the right product.