Leather Glove fit

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  1. Well, I am glad I decided to try these on in the store.

    The Basic Glove (MRSP $108) has a different fit than the Button Glove (MRSP $168)
    It had been a while since I last purchased leather gloves. The loss of one necessitated a replacement. (good gloves). I used to wear a 6, then I thought for certain I could wear a 6.5. They were very hard to get into, I have very small wrists and hands, but I guess they are not that small. I normally wear a 7.0 inch bracelet and a size 6 ring. The more $$$ were truer to size; however, I decided to opt for the cheaper pair, because the discount brought them under $100. I tend to lose gloves, so I didn't want to spend over a certain amount, plus there is no tax on clothing in NYS if it is under $100.
    Got them in basic black so I can use them for a very long time. They won't be every gloves. My everyday gloves are cheapo Magic Gloves or mittens.

    If you can try them on in the store, it's better.
  2. I can see how the size may vary when it comes to gloves.
    I don't own any Coach leather gloves. But I have found with other
    brands of leather gloves, it is best to try them on.
    Enjoy your new gloves. Post pics when u can.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I've been considering getting a pair of gloves, but have no clue as to what size I would be... Will try them on in-store rather than ordering online, now that I know there's differences in size depending on the style. And I agree ~ post pics when you get them! :smile: