Leather Gigi vs. Legacy Leather Slim tote

  1. I have (but have not yet used) the leather Gigi in Whiskey. I am debating whether to keep the Gigi or get a Legacy Leather Slim tote in Natural instead. I plan on using the bag for work. I already have a black bag so I'm looking for one in brown. Obviously, Whiskey and Natural are both in the brownish family. Does anyone have an opinion either way. I would appreciate any guidance you guys might be able to offer me.
    :s :confused1: :shrugs: HELP!!!
  2. TejasMama has had both the Gigi Tote and the Legacy Slim tote. She can best do the comparison for you. I know you said you want a brown shade. Please note that the Gigi Tote will be available to order in the walnut shade which is a deep mahogany brown. Please see my Bleeker Flap bag in my Avatar - this is the walnut shade. I think that you should hold out for that one. That is the one I am getting.
    Good Luck deciding.
  3. I just bought a white leather slim tote and LOVE it!! I'm not into very big bags (I'm petite at 5 foot flat) and the slim tote is perfect. The Gigi was just a little too big for me.
  4. I had a clay gigi but returned it, i really didn't care for the shape of the bag and ended up getting a legacy slim tote in natural on eBay instead. What bothered me about the gigi is that it wouldn't stand up on it's own...it always flopped over near the top. I love the slim tote!! There are a couple of naturals on eBay right now.
  5. I second what others have said - the slim tote is a little smaller, although still very roomy - you can use it for work, to carry books and resumes around, travel, or as a purse. The Gigi does not stand up on its own and is more expensive. I don't understand the need for coming out with Gigi?
  6. I loved the slim tote I am so mad they only have white at JAX :sad: i wanted the natural!
  7. Thanks for all of your input! I think I'm going to return my Whiskey Gigi in the coming week.
  8. I think the main difference is if you want to carry a laptop or not. It's a very tight fit with no room for anything else with the slim tote; I think it is more as a work handbag that can handle files, etc. It's great for that one.

    The Gigi is really great if you need to carry more like your laptop, power supply and other files. It's really more of a work tote than a handbag whereas the slim tote is a handbag that can handle letter size files.

    Does that help or did I just make it worse?:nuts:
  9. you made it worse!!! lol now i m thinking about one!no stop noooo i cant keep a ban on this site lol
  10. I'm sorry! There really is quite a functional difference between the two and I just wanted to make that clear. Both bags are amazing and gorgeous!:p
  11. lol shuddup :noggin::whistle: