Leather getting rubbed on my Riki

  1. I carry my black Riki bag more than any other bag I have because I love it so much. I just noticed that the leather under the little metal tab to the right is getting rubbed by the metal. I'm not sure what to do about this. I'll try and take a pic in a bit to show exaclty what I mean. Any suggestions?

  2. Zophie - please take a picture or two and then we will come up with a solution!
  3. Zophie,

    I have this same bag and love it also. I wear it with the belt on the third hole, so the belt strap is the shortest. If there is wear on your bag you could change the hole you use on the belt so the end hits in a different place. I realize this is a bit cryptic, but I hope this helps!!
  4. thanks. I'll try that. I forgot to take a pic so I'll try to remember to take one tomorrow.
  5. I finally took some pics, but it's hard to get a picture of really. I might try the suggestion of moving which hole it's buckled on. I'm just wondering if there is some kind of conditioner I can put on the leather to sort of refinish it or something.
    riki1.jpg riki2.jpg riki3.jpg
  6. Zophie - try some Apple brand conditioner on the spot. This is what I use for my Balenciaga bags, which seem to need it a lot. You can buy it at Burlington Coat Factory in the leather coat section.
  7. thanks. I have some leather conditioner but it's for car seats and furniture, so I think I need to get the right kind. I pulled the strap through some so now it hangs more and doesn't rub. I still haven't changed bags though I keep saying I will. This is definitely my favorite bag.