Leather Gallery Totes

  1. Ok so I have a red leather gallery tote and I'm trying to decide whether I should moisturize it or not. I kinda feel like it should be fine, but I just keep staring at it and thinking what if something goes wrong. I got two bottles of the applecare moisturizer and I haven't opened them but I sure do want my new bag to be protected. What are your thoughts.
  2. Did the bag come w/ a care card? That should indicate what to do w/ cleaning and moisturizing. There is also a care section on the Coach website if you know what kind of leather it's made of.
    Good luck! I love the leather gallery totes!
  3. Well I have both a black leather and british tan leather gallery totes from the outlet, and I used my Coach moisturizer on both of them before I used them and they are wonderful. Love those bags! Not sure if they are the same as your gallery tote, but I have to assume the leather is the same, unless your leather is the Legacy leather, which I dont think it is.
  4. Thanks for the responses ladies! My tote is the laced leather gallery tote from the boutique. I need to look around in the bag for the care card! I missed out on the outlet gallery totes. However, I kinda like this one, its got patent leather trim and patent handles.