Leather for Kelly Sellier: Chevre VS Epsom

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  1. I'm dreaming of a black Kelly Sellier in 28cm (or 25cm), but I need to consult with the knowledgeable ladies/gents here. Comparing chevre with epsom which of these is more durable? Artistically I like chevre better, but I have heard some contradictory things about how durable it is. Any general thoughts on pros or cons are very welcome too. Thanks!
  2. From what I understand, both are rather durable and scartch resistent. I have also read about the corner wear issues of both chevre and epsom. FWIW, corners of all leather types are fragile and will wear out due to pro-long usage. Good thing about H bags, it is repairable.
  3. Thanks for the quick answer. Is chevre as easy to repair? One of the arguments I heard against chevre is that it is not as easy to be repaired, is this true?
  4. Ascella, I can't answer on how restorable chevre is as I have no experience yet. But I do know that amongst all the leather type, boxcalf is known to refurbish very well (the best). And if I am not wrong, colours also play a factor in restoration.
  5. I'm not sure how chevre will hold up in a sellier Kelly... it gets really soft over time. I don't have a bag in chevre, so I can't comment on its floppiness over time, but all my SLG's have softened up really well.

    Epsom would keep its shape better over time, I reckon.
  6. ms piggy: I guess you mean more colorful leather is harder to repair? (Sorry for my noob question.)

    pyrexia: It does not sound good that chevre can loose shape over time. I hope some chevre bag owners can pop in here to agree or disagree.
  7. I've got two Chevre bags, one of which I've used quite a bit. It has taken a little beating when the stroller fell backwards and smashed it on the floor a number of times (you'd think I've learned my lesson the first time). Mine's chevre mysore. From my personal experience, it wears very well, pretty water resistant (I've been caught in torrential downpour a few times and completely forgot to dab it dry) and has to put up with massive amount of my junk stuffed into it.

    It doesn't scratch all that easily. Clemence or Togo are more durable but I love all 3 leather types. I had a Kelly in Epsom which I've sold. I'm not a big fan of Epsom but it comes down to personal choice.
  8. Birkingal, do you find your chevre bags losing shape over time? Or are they maintaining their shape well?
  9. pyrexia, I thought mine would but so far after 4 years, both bags still look like new and not floppy at all. I suppose Chevre Mangalore would lose its shape more being since it's supposed to be supple and pliable. I'll let the others chime in as I don't have a lot of experience with the other goatskin leather.
  10. Epsom will retain its stiffness over time better than Chevre assuming you are talking about Chevre souple which is the Chevre that sellier Kellys have been currently available in; this is especially true if you plan on using this as a daily/workhorse bag. Chevre Mangalore is not being used for sellier Kellys to my knowlege, only retourne. You may want to request Mysore if that is still available but if it is, it is limited to smaller sized Kellys. I have owned two sellier Chevre de Cormandel Kellys and the stiffness varied between the two. I have also seen older well-used sellier Chevre Kellys and those tend to see some softening around the edges over time. You don't see that with the older sellier Courcheval or Veau Grain Lisse Kellys which are older "versions" of today's Epsom. Light scuffs are easier to touch up on Chevre than Epsom, but rough wear is hard to deal with on both as it is on most skins.

    As for corner wear, I don't see as much of an issue for that if you are choosing Sellier v. Retourne.

    If you like stiffer skins that are fairly tough on wear, you may also want to consider Vache Liegee if you find any in stores right now. Rumor has it they are replacing it with another skin that I can't recall the name of right now, so you may want to inquire about that at your store. HTH!
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    My first choice is also Mysore, but I suspect that an SO would be needed for it.
  12. It's twofold:
    Chevre, IMHO, is the 'better' leather as it is not artificially grained. Chevre is also very durable and doesn't scratch easy.
    If you order the bag, you don't know what it will look like eventually, as chevre does have the 'spine', and - again IMHO - sometimes the spine can almost disfigure the bag. It's definitely an acquired taste.

    With Epsom however, there is no such risk. You know exactly what the bag will look like. Epsom is artificially grained, but very, very sturdy. I think it's a lot harder to scratch than its predecessor Courchevel. However, once it is scratched, the scratches will be difficult to get out, but then again, if you don't throw your bag around but treat it naturally, it will take a very very long time to get scratched.
  13. orchids, thanks for the input. One of the reasons that I like Chevre is because it is supposed to be light, for a 28cm Kelly would Vache Liegee be much heavier than Chevre?
  14. The reason I don't really like Epsom is precisely because it looks a bit artificial. I don't have much problem with the spine, it definitely adds some character.
  15. Then you should DEFINITELY go for chevre!
    There's a pic somewhere of Victoria Beckham carrying her chevre Kelly and that bag is a stunner!