Leather Floral Spy at costco.com $1799

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  1. What's the retail value of the bag?
  2. Ooooh, I really like this spy. I love the extra frilly touch the flowers give it :drool:
  3. Buying bags at Cosco kinda freak me out - especially spending this amount of money
  4. ^^ Yeah, especially since Costco was selling a bunch of fake Balenciaga's a while ago. I don't know that I'd trust them.:s
  5. Nice bag though.... oooh I gotta stop looking!!
  6. I always love this honey color.
  7. oh! thanks.
  8. :p I agree. Does anyone know what this bag wouyld retail for - OUTSIDE of Costco?
  9. I'm not postive, but I think Wisterias retail for around $3000. There are some PFers who have this bag that will clarify.
  10. It's around $2850 if I recall. Pretty pricey, so it's a great deal as long as it's authentic. Good luck!!!