leather flats dyeing question!

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  1. I posted this on the miu miu forum, but would like to hear the opinion of shoe lovers as well, since this involves a pair of shoes :smile: So I bought a pair of used miu miu bow flats on eBay. They look like this, but in a pink "blush" color..
    My question is, since they're used, and light colored, they're a bit dirty and smudged. Can I clean the leather, or take it to a leather cleaner? Can I ask for them to dye the leather? I kind of want it dyed...pink bow on black. Kind of like a pink bow in my hair that I like to wear :smile: Would that be kind of hard? Or ridiculous? Or look fake? Destroy the leather?

    And how much would that cost?

    Thank you!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. i would try cleaning them first definitely. what i used to clean my light colored wallet that was (EXTREMELY) dirty (since i didn't have actual leather cleaner)

    i took a toothbrush and soft wash cloth and used a combo of lotion (weird i know) and a bit of mild soap with warm water. i kept scrubbing and wiping w/ the cloth and eventually it got a lot cleaner.

    if you wanted to dye it, i don't think there would be a problem but would want to try cleaning it myself first. good luck!!