leather fading?

  1. i was sitting in class today and noticed that the leather on the strap of my carly (khaki sig/chambray) is seriously fading...i have no doubt it's from the sun, but it's only been a few months since i got it! there's no way to reverse it, i know...but i'm kinda disappointed.

    does this happen to other bags/colors?
  2. Can you post a pic of the fading on the strap? Curious to see how it looks....I have never heard of this, but I guess if you are out in the sun w/ it alot, it could fade, as could anything else. Maybe you can have the strapped changed?
  3. i took the hangtag off to show the leather then vs how is it now. (the hangtag is how the color was when i got it).

  4. WOW!!!! That is some HUGE difference in coloring! How long have you had this bag? I would bring it to the boutique and ask them about it...maybe they can send it out and have the strapped changed for you. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem....For a bag that cost this much, this is REALLY unacceptable and disappointing :sad:
  5. The gold metallic on my Carly's strap seems to fading too.:sad:
  6. it's faded along the ENTIRE strap, not just that one part. so i don't think it can be fixed.

    i'm seriously disappointed.
  7. I am funny w/ my bags....I keep a white towel in my car, and COVER my bags b/c they get a "sunburn" in my car!!!!! LOLOLOL..... that will stop any fading from happening, but it's a pain in the neck to do this!!!!! Do you go out in the sun alot w/ this bag for that to happen? Even still it is unacceptable....I would bring it in to them.
  8. Sheesh! That's some serious fading! I would definitely inquire at Coach if this is considered to be "normal wear".
  9. i mean, i live in georgia...the sun is pretty inevitable. so i can't help it if it's getting faded while i walk to class, kwim?
  10. WOW that's dissappointing! I'm sorry, it's such a beautiful bag. I wonder what the SAs at the boutique would say about it.
  11. It should NOT have faded like that just from walking to class....if you were laying out at the beach w/ it every day, I'd say MAYBE! Bring it in to them and show them!

  12. Well yeah, the Georgia sun and heat could fry a frog on the pavement BUT I would think you would have to spend prolonged periods of time in direct sunlight to get that much fading in a couple of months. Have you ever had this happen to a different bag?
  13. kallison:

    You could take it in to your Coach Boutique and see what they tell you. I don't know that Coach would be able to change the strap and we know that the Chambray Carly is sold out. Why don't you send it in and see what they tell you.

  14. my bag always comes with me. until last week when i got my chanel, i used this as my bag also (so after class, i emptied out my books if i went to the store).
  15. I do the same thing! The sunlight will lighten up leather. So.... if you happen to have a bag that's getting too dark . . . . :idea:

    kallison doesn't want to "send in another bag" you've already had a bad experience. Unless they can replace the strap, Coach will probaby just cough up some more "credits" .