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  1. Hey girls

    this is perhaps a stupid Q, but do any of you ladies know the difference between deerskin leather and suede? like in terms of feel and look?

    thanx xxx

    confused over leather :sad2:
  2. deerskin is VERY soft and is pebbly. suede is smooth and stiffer. I'm assuming you know what suede looks like. Deerskin looks and feels more like leather.

    Sorry, I'm not good at explaining this. I'm just feeling my deerskin bag and comparing it with a suede jacket. Haha.
  3. Dear Shu:

    thanx for replying sweety, lmao@jacket- i tried that and then realised i have nothing made out of deerskin :smile: i think i get what i mean if by leather u mean normal leather like belts/shoe fabric right?

    ta again
  4. Yes, I mean it looks like normal leather, as in someone looking at it will know it's leather. But it's super soft and pliable and pebbly.
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