Leather Experts - Opinions, Please!!

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  1. IMHO, from what I can tell from the photos, the leather looks fairly squishy, but the bag looks to be very used and quite faded, which is a problem with the lighter color bags.
  2. ^ I agree. The fading will only get worse with time too, so don't forget to take that into accounts!
  3. Thanks Spay and Evy...other than the fading, do you two think it looks in "okay" shape...from a wear & tear standpoint?
  4. the leather itself looks great.. but the fading/dirtiness is pretty bad. if that doesn't bother you then it looks ok to me - but i think it's hard to tell from photo's if the leather is smooshy or soft. my o7 truffe looked GREAT on camera, but IRL it was horribly dry...
  5. I was hoping with some TLC and LMB I might be able to help out the handles a little....the fading doesn't bother me too much...if the leather is great. I'm going to have to look hard again because I didn't see THAT much dirst...but I probably wasn't looking clsoely enough. Many thanks!
  6. you're right ..i looked again & it doesnt look very dirty, but the handles def. look warmed & the bag itself looks like it's yellowed quite a bit :yes:
  7. ...and there's no known recovery from that, is there?
  8. It looks squishy & worn in. If you want to hydrate & polish your leather without any bad "boot polish" smell, you can PM me for more info :idea: