leather experts - goat vs calf?

  1. Can anyone educate me here - is the goat from the Suhali line any better, sturdier etc. than the calf from the mahina line?
    I have never had anything in goat leather (I don't think) even though I would like a Suhali piece eventually.
    I know that I have had calf leather pieces -
    I am defineltly keeping the mahina on my radar (especially if they come out with a smaller size) - but I am concerned with the calf leather - some of my coach pieces (from years ago) looked worn pretty quickly.
  2. Well actually, I believe that the "goat" from the suhali line is very young baby goats that they make the leather from. This is because baby goat leather is much more soft and supple than others. Calf leather is soft also because those are not grown cows either but...the leathers from calfs are always softer and more supple.

    Not too nice to think of I know, but still, I think that's why.