Leather Ergo Satchel??


Jul 5, 2007
so as some of you know, i was going to get my mom a leather ergo satchel in either black or burnt orange (i posted a thread last week about this) ...so today after giving it a lot of thought and reading everyone's suggestions, i decided to go for the black only to find that it's not on the coach.com site anymore??!!?

where did it go???:wtf:
Mar 8, 2007
Yup, I looked up their website looking for the same bag only to find out they were gone! So, I wrote to their CS and got the reply below.

Thank you for your e-mail.

The Ergo Leather Pleated Frame Satchel, style 12248, for $458.00 is
available in limited quantities. If you would like to place your order now, we will be more than happy to place an order. Please contact our order taking line at 1-888-262- 6224.

Hope this helps!


Jul 5, 2007
so i called jax and she said that the quantities are low which is why it might have been pulled from the website...i'm gonna go to the store later on today and see if its still orderable..

anybody know if there are any other plans for this item? like new colors?

i know of the laced version but i don't like the colors available in that...



Sep 15, 2007
I would contact a boutique and ask them to do a store search if they can't get it from JAX. Otherwise, yes, probably many are currently in transit to the outlets. Problem may be that they fall around PCE price, though, unless they hang around a bit longer. If I recall correctly, the factory price for the pleated hobos and totes were not even 10% off retail, with an add'l 20% off. In some cases, PCE is just as good of a discount, and you have to factor in gas, etc. Not sure which is more convenient for you, and of course this doesn't mean that the initial selling price won't be greater than 10% off retail either...I'm just going on past history with the pleated ergos. I would call both the boutiques and factory stores. Get your name on a list with the outlet, and they will call you should they get them in. They can also tell you nationwide stock info and even in transit info. I'm sure many of these will be shipped out around the day of the website change, and most bags that are pulled end up at the outlet within a few days up to a couple of weeks after they are pulled off the website and floors. Good luck!
May 22, 2007
The Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, CA had them the other day. Bunch of colors on display. So maybe call there (619) 260-0772.