Leather envy? What to do after?

  1. Hey guys- how's it going out in smooshy chewy bbag land?

    Ok- so, here's a scenario - I bought a bag and find it absolutely to be my absolute :heart:~ why do I still look for this style and color all over creation? Why do I :confused1: the leather I have on my bag and :sad: at the ones I see everywhere else? I've never had leather envy so maybe I've been hit by anooother wall Balenciaga has created (style, color, year, smooshy, tooshie, wooshie... lol~ so many decisions to make a girl has to just flop on the couch and contemplate!!)

    Anybody else do this? Have this happen to them? I soooo understand now how some women buy the SAME style and color over and over and over and over to find the HOLIEST of them all.......... do you do this? Or is this just a silly situation (not to offend anybody who does this--- I just want to know the honest reasoning)?

    TIA for your opinions/comments...........

    And you know- in the past week I've gone to so many AUTHENTICATE this threads and sat back thinking- *damn* this place is sooo awesome- I would have just hit the BIN had I not had some serious bag lover's confirmation of real or fake~ ok- that's all I had to say.
  2. I did that with a black city. I bought an '06, decided I really didn't like the leather, sold it, and bought an '05 black city. Now I am happy though!:yes: I won't ever buy a bag in a color that I :heart: if I don't also :heart: the leather.

  3. ITA! That's why I've been through so many bags in a short period of time. It is possible to find the color you like with your leather preference. It just takes more time and effort. It's okay to be picky......you're spending 1K+ on a handbag.
  4. Ditto! I bought a bunch of bags within the first 3 months of buying my first Bbag (a Sapin Twiggy). Since then, I've unloaded 3, and have been VERY picky and judicious about which ones to buy at a later date. I still browse through eBay and the MP on a daily basis just to see what's out there. I still get tempted about just going ahead and BIN'ing something because it seems the thing to do, but I don't go through with it. I've got my eye on a couple of bags in the AW 07 collection, and I think that'll be it for me for awhile...