Leather Differences

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if anybody would be able to explain the difference between the Darwin Leather and the Natural Vegetable Tan Leather.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I am afraid I am not, but I strongly feel there is a difference....even if Mulberry says it's the same, maybe these pics can help? I feel that Darwin has more life, richer colour, if that makes sense to you?
    Let's see if you can pick the Darwin from these pics;
    there are two of each...not an easy task, but I found a Darwin gem amongst NVT bags the other day, and it was no problem to pick him from the other 6 bags on the shelf.
    IMG_2667 [800x600].jpg IMG_2669 [800x600].jpg IMG_2671 [800x600].jpg IMG_2676 [800x600].jpg
  3. Yes, I definitely understand what you are saying, Kris. It is hard but I can see the difference in the grains. Now, not ever having seen a Darwin bag, it is probably a little harder for me to tell. But, I am thinking that the first picture is a Darwin. Am I wrong? It looks to have a nice color. But, sometimes it is hard to tell on line....
  4. OOh, I think this is quite to tell from the pics - are 1 & 3 (as you read across top line) the Darwin one's Kris?
  5. Yes, you are right - 1 and 3 are Darwin.

    You deserve a bronze star, tegan and Lady F :smile:
  6. Wow, interesting! Thanks for the pics! Is there a difference in weight?
  7. They have such a nicer look, a deeper, richer appearance and that is on line in a picture...I can't imagine in person :smile:
  8. Is there a difference between chalk & cheese?......:yes:
  9. Wow, I wasn't really sure you could tell that much, but I got it right!!

    Is the prize your gorgeous Ant? Oh, go on.....you know I deserve it!
  10. I always gravitate to darwin if I see it - it feels thicker and tougher and seems to have a deeper grain than NVT...
  11. BagLuver - I haven't compared, but I would think Darwin is a tiny bit heavier - feels thicker.

    Slow, lol!

    tegan - yes, even better IRL!

    Lady F - you probably do, but I feel that he needs to settle down and feel secure now, after having waited so long for a home :nuts:

    lovemymulberry - ITA!
  12. Wow, that was interesting; thanks Kris! I can see what you mean looking at the pics.