Leather difference for Quilted Bay?

  1. I have a first season 2007 quilted bay with smooth leather. I saw the same one (I believe just came out) at store today. The leather is quite different. Anyone else think so too? When was the first season for quilted bay anyway?
  2. Hi Ivysun, what colour was it that you saw in store today?

    The quilted bay was new this year for the spring summer season, and is being released in some nice dark colours for winter.

    I cant comment on the change in leather personally yet, as I have not seen a/w ones in store yet, but my ivory quilted was smooth too :smile:
  3. Mine has the serial number (the little tag in the inside pocket) of 02 07 56. Is that the first season??

    The color is ecru. I believe the one I saw at store is the same color. But the leather is not as smooth.
  4. i have a black quilted from spring/summer and the leather is a bit distressed looking (balenciaga-ish), especially on the non quilted side...hope that helps!