Leather Diaper Bags?

  1. Hi guys...
    Does anyone have suggestions for leather or trendy diaper bags?
  2. I would suggest not buying one too expensive, because it is going to get dirty, and quick. You're going to have to put in the washing machine. I have a classic pooh one - it matches the carseat/stroller combo.
  3. I like the Stork Sak that Angelina carries. I think it's classic looking.

    For leather, the only one I've liked was a Fleurville Luxe Bag:




    For the mom who wants the fashion of a great leather handbag and the function of a well-designed diaper bag, this bag has it all! Water-proofed pebble grain leather on the outside, fully water-proof, seam sealed interior. Removable, insulated bottle holder makes it a diaper bag only when you want it to be. Each bag includes a see-through wipe case, changing cloth, and storage bag. Each bag includes:
    • Removable insulated bottle holder
    • Changing cloth
    • See-through wipe case
    • Storage bag
    • PVC Free
    Dimensions: 15" W x 9.5" H x 5" D

    It's $390. At the time, I didn't want to spend this. But looking back, maybe I should have instead of buying numerous $100-$150 bags.
  4. I saw both those leather ones. The one Angelina carries is $600. I am hesitant to spend that much (although I can use it as luggage latter). I want to see the other one in person, do you know where I can get one?
    Some of my friends have the animated ones (with cartoons on them and stuff) but I want something that looks more like a purse than a diaper bag unless I do a Kate Spade which is pretty gender friendly or if I go diaper baggy I will do a Juicy (although hubby does not want to carry it...LOL).
    Any other suggestions?
    TIA again...
  5. Hi happypug, how do you feel about diaper messenger bags?

    OiOi dark denim hobo diaper bag - $99-95

    OiOi Black Hobo with magenta lining - $99-95

    Posh by Tori messenger diaper bag - $159

    These are not messengers but I think Posh by Tori patterns are gorgeous - have you seen them before?

    Posh by Tori candy stripes - $129

    Posh by Tori funky stripes - $129

    Posh by Tori drama queen- $129

  6. As a relatively new mom (my little bugger is 9.5 months), let me share a couple of things I've discovered about diaper bags:

    1. You need to consider your daily routine. Are you going to be a stay at home mom who makes short trips or are you going to work and have to pack a full day's bag for a daycare provider? Also, do you plan to take the baby out on extended/long trips?

    2. Also consider, where are you going to be taking the baby most often? Is the baby going to visit nearby family members regularly? Both of our parents live with in fifteen minutes, so I purchased diapers/wipes/change of clothes for each house this way I don't have to bring a diaper bag each time we visit.

    3. Also consider, do you plan to bottlefeed or nurse? If you are going to nurse, you won't need to bring bottles/formula in your bag.

    4. You might want to stay away from leather, as all spills and such will show (and there will be spills or spit up or grimy hands as baby gets older)

    5. Call your hospital or ask someone who delivered there recently what gifts/things they provide upon checkout. My hospital gave us a small black diaper bag filled with formula samples and a small (holds two bottles) cooler bag that fits in the diaper bag. This works wonderfully as a daddy friendly diaper bag.

    In the end, I ended up buying a kipling messenger bag (not their diaper bag) and a foldup travel changing pad to put in it. This bag is perfect for short trips (2-4 hrs) (which is really all I take with the baby). I do have a fancy fleurville mothership bag that I got for my shower, but I have yet to use it because it is so big! I might use it for overnight trips this summer.

    Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps. Feel free to PM at anytime with any baby related questions.
  7. ^^^ Excellent advice addictedtopurses. I strongly recommend the Mothership by Fleurville. It's trendy and super practical. Also, check out www.babychic101.com - it has links to alot of the best companies.
  8. I've passed out this link before on this site, but I think it is a good place to start http://www.mommieswithstyle.com/. You can have a lot of fun (and waste a lot of time ;) ) looking here. I personally would not get a leather bag. When I was shopping for diaper bags, I wanted a bag that was not itself too heavy since I would be loading it up with a bunch of stuff. Good leather bags are sometimes heavy. I had a Fleurville sling (just gave it away - my youngest is now one) and I thought it was pretty handy. I had a StorkSak - thought it was pretty bulky.

    If you are not toting around gobs of stuff, or if you do what we tend to do - make short trips with the van as a base - I would get a small hands-free bag for the essentials. The one I REALLY REALLY liked was Patagonia's Atom (www.patagonia.com). It was lightweight, hands-free, and cleanable. Besides, it looked okay, the front mesh pocket was good for a bottle, the cell pocket on the front was very handy, and I could get a wallet, some wipes, and a diaper in the main body. Lastly, my husband LOVED it. I think he secretly wanted to carry it all the time b/c it looked sporty and cool.

    As far as larger, nicer bags go, I have always been tempted by the Dante Beatrix line www.dantebeatrix.com, but I have not seen one in real life. I really like the ability to change the strap length on this one.
    patagonia atom.jpg dante beatrix.jpg
  9. Hi Happypug,

    You are probably going to want more than one diaper bag -- when the baby is newborn you need to carry a lot more (diapers, change of clothes, etc.) than when it's older.

    I don't know if you've already done this, but there are a couple of older threads about baby bags...

    I also bought the Hammitt diaper bag (the leather one that Angelina Jolie was pictured with), but it was *heavy* -- esp. with stuff in it, and I don't have too much stuff since my kids are 4 and 18-mos. So...consider the weight of leather when you're deciding.

    I've actually gone through about 7 or 8 diaper bags, and have ended up using a Balenciaga Day bag or the SkipHop when it's raining.

    Good luck!
  10. The Angelina bag I was referring to is this Stork Sak Gigi:



    It's $200.

    I agree - at the beginning, you need a larger bag, vs. when the baby is older. I think it all depends on personal style as well. I needed something the DH was going to be willing to carry. I have a petunia picklebottom, which he'll carry for 5 minutes.

    But, I also have a small duffle bag that I leave in the car (with change of clothes, diaper and wipes) just in case.

    Right now I'm carrying the Skip Hop because it's small and easy to attach to the stroller.

    Good luck - it's fun shopping for diaper bags!
  11. That you for all the great advice! Addicted I never saw this one and I like it. It's cute.
    Your comment about the petunia made me crack up because of a friend of mine was telling me that she one too and DH refuses to carry it so they have a couple diffrent bags. LOL!!!

    Addictedtopurses....thank you for all the advice! I am praying to be able to breast feed and that is a great idea about leaving stuff with the grandparents. Althought since this is #1 I am sure that my parents will have a supply on their own...LOL.

    Passerby thank you for all the options I just need something more man friendly...LOL. I've heard too many GF who have had to put away bags because DH said...ummmmm. NO!....hehehe.

    Jag thank you too...DH wants a neutral bag, that is why Juicy went out the door (but I might get one for myself anyways).

    I like the Stork Sak Gigi so far...

    I love this one...but it's just too much for a diaper bag.
  12. ^^^ Good luck Happypug! I ended up with teh powder blue with cholocate piping. Very classic and so durable! So is the Stork sak!!! You can't go wrong! HAve fun!!
  13. when is your baby due?! :smile:
  14. Tumi has a great diaper bag that is really easy to clean that my hubby doesn't mind carrying. Also, any fabric bag can be sprayed with the non toxic spray found at camping stores to weather proof and dirt proof the fabric. Also, you might want to think about getting your husband his own diaper bag. I see a lot of Skip Hops on dads out here in L.A.
  15. Happypug, where did you find the Angelina Jolie bag in your post?