Leather design from Denmark By me

  1. I’m starting this thread to show different designs and experiments are received. So people are more than welcome to come with their opinions.

    I’m a Designer and leather crafter from Denmark. After spending many years learning the leather craft and a life time of design I have come to the point of experimentation. My goal is to combine Art and leather craft. My big influences are Danish furniture design and Japanese design.

    My new design pattern, here it’s used on key rings. Chaos, fractals and the random nature that is life will be the bases for my new work.

    The idea is to make every item totally random with no fixed pattern also for bags and wallets. No fixed size, taller, wider, shorter. To reflect the individuals physical appearance. And the dots a reflection of the inner state the person. Every mark a time and place in ones life.

    kaos_noegle_1.jpg kaos_noegle_2.jpg kaos_noegle_3.jpg kaos_noegle_4.jpg
  2. This is a little cardholder/wallet thing. Classic on the outside and a wild yellow color inside. I wanted a really small card holder for summer that also can hold bills.

    I have posted this in an other thread but i would like to collect them in one thread.

  3. Wow, your work is incredible! Those keyrings are lovely. :yes:
  4. I love that wallet ... it's incredibly detailed :tup:
  5. Thanks Kittie and krisluvspurs.
  6. This is my first try at making a bag were I use piping. It came out ok and I’m rather happy about this bag.

    Not much to say about the bag its basically a muselbag with red fabric lining and a zippered pocket.

  7. cool!. i like your work.=) esp. the card holder
  8. Thanks Posionivy,

    Im working on the cardholder in the chaos design (the key rings) will be interesting to se if the design idea works with larger items. After that a bag.

  9. Love the colors of the wallet and the quality of the leather in your bag. :yes:
  10. love the slanted key ring!

    the cutouts in the card holder are pretty neat--it looks like stitching

  11. Very nice leatherwork.

  12. First I would like to say thanks to the poster above for their nice words.

    The mini flasher in the Fractual design, I am really happy that the design in my mind works in larger scale. Just have to make a test with a purse and see how it works. This one is sewn with a machine. I am leaning towards the final ones should be hand stitched.

    What you guys think?

  13. I love it. It's simple...but chic.
  14. I love this one!

    You have chosen an excellent shade of red also... very cheery and cherry! lol

    I love the idea of fractals in artwork; fractals are fascinating!
  15. Your leather designs are lovely-very detail oriented. I especially like the bag.