leather covered heels


Jan 20, 2006
I just purchased a pair of boots with leather covered heels. I was wondering if anybody here have had problems with the these types of heels in snowy / rainy climates. Should they be okay if I just spray them with a leather protector?

Also, anybody here who have boots made by Moda Spana? Are they decent quality?
Hi maddy,

I periodically spray protectant on leather shoes/boots I wear when I travel to snowy climates, and wipe them down after I am indoors, especially if the roads have been salted.
this has nothin to do with your question, but i personally hate leather covered heels...every single pair i've had always somehow get chipped off, as in, i hit my heel against something at some point and once there's a slight hole in the leather, part of it starts slowly falling off. could be just me.