Leather conditioning for miu miu nappa charm?

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  1. I posted this in a different thread, but it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.
    I have a miu miu nappa charm in Astro, but noticed the glaze over the distressed leather appears to be cracking. Any tips on conditioning products to keep the leather in good shape? Any one else noticing this on their bags?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi. I would do a search. Please seem to be happy with Apple Guard. People have used it on their bows. Try researching, buy what seems good and then test them on hidden spots! Or contact your SA and see what she recommends.
  3. i experienced the glaze become rougher on one side of my gathered bag too.. it is in the same distressed leather as nappa.. not 'crackling', but just rougher, is that what you experienced too?