Leather Conditioners?

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  1. Does anyone use a leather conditioner on their bags? I'd like to keep the leather of my paddington as soft as possible. I'd also like to use it on the handles and leather accents of my vintage Speedy when I get it to keep it in good condition.

    What do you all use? I just read a thread on the eBay handbag forum about not using mink oil. Someone suggested Leather Therapy or Lexall.

    Any tips and suggestions would be wonderful! :biggrin:
  2. i use the coach cleaner/moisturizer and it works well. i haven't tried any others
  3. I have never used a moisturizer on one of my purses. What do you use them for?
  4. It would help keep the leather soft, as well as keep the bag looking nice. I want to take care of my investments :biggrin:
  5. I have that Coach leather combo also -from a long time ago when Coach had those plain brown leather bags - I'm afraid to use it on my Really expensive leather bags such as my Be&D - so I don't really use anything to be safe.
  6. I know Coach recommend usually their moisturizer for their certain styles because they list out what bags is ok to use it with and what bags are not. Maybe call up Chloe and ask them for recommendations?
  7. You're right on that. The vachetta leather doesn't use their leather moisturizer for cleaning I think. I was at TJMaxx and saw these pretty wallets by Coach and that was the cleaning instructions.
  8. Yeah, I am afraid of damaging the leather on the paddington if I use the wrong product.

    Irissy, calling Chloe and asking for a recommendation is a good idea! I just might do that. And as far as the Speedy goes, I might take it into the LV store when I receive it and ask for their suggestions to keep it looking nice.

  9. I would like to take care of my investments also but I am worried it might mess my purse up and I am kinda worried to use one. :worried:
  10. Are you sure it wont mess one up?
  11. Are you sure it wont mess it up if applied wrong?
  12. I'm not 100 percent sure, that is why I will probably call Chloe to ask. I will also be taking the LV to the store to ask about what conditioner, if any, I should use on the leather.
  13. Lexall I have used. It is ok on Black. It leaves A slight oil. Coach conditioner is the only thing I have found that will not change color it is great and makes Leather last for years. I have used it on ( Brown Black that Rose MJ in my collection and White) Gucci Marc Jacobs BV ; DG and Grurka Bags for years. I never buy the Coach Cleaner for it is A $8 Bottle of mild Soap nothing more.
    PS if you have Scratches in White Leather the conditioner will darked them. White is the only one I have had this issue with
  14. Christina: If you do call Chloe will you please post and let us know what they say?