Leather Conditioners, Rain & Stain Repellant on your Bows, Coffers, Matelasse's?

  1. Yes~ its a really pretty colour. I have a fumo bow bag and its still clean.
  2. Thank you so much for all the advice on this thread. Learnt heaps.

    Fellow Aussies, the miu miu sales assistants insist that we do nothing to protect the bow bags. However they recommend a French leather cream called Grison. Melbournians can purchase from a tailor in the grey building right opposite prada on Collins Street. They are $15 each. The sales rep at miu miu says they only use the cream for removal of stains (before the stain sets in - use minute amounts though).

    I looked at leatherstuff.com and the apple guard repellant doesn't ship outside of USA because it's aerosol can! So I'm also not sure what to do. Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated.
  3. I used the leather conditioner on my Mughetto bow this weekend. No colour change, no lessened shininess.
  4. I recently purchased an almost new Bow Bag in a light beige color. I heard a lot of people talking about the fact that these light colors do change when you take care of it with leather conditioner. Does this also apply for the light colored bags? I have a clear Leather-conditioner at home (it looks like some kind of wax) but I'm afraid it won't work out the way I want.
  5. For those of you in Australia who don't have access to Apple Care products, I would recommend using the Collonil Waterstop spray to waterproof your bags. The spray isn't cheap but I find it has less of a strong smell than the Tana brand that is more widely available.

    I've sprayed my Miu Miu bow satchel using the Collonil Waterstop without any issues. If I was to be very very picky, it may have darkened the leather very slightly, but if you spray the whole bag evenly, it should be fine. It leaves a bit of a film on the bag afterwards which you can feel but not enough to bother me, and I guess it should have a film to protect it.

    I've also used the Collonil Waterstop cream in neutral but the spray is a lot easier.
  6. I have several pieces from the Miu Miu Studded collection. Over the past year I have lost a few studs off of the bag. There isnt a Miu Miu store where I live (Toronto, Canada). Any suggestions what I should do about replacing the studs? Thanks
  7. I just called the Miu Miu Store in Frankfurt/ Germany to ask how to treat my new Vitello Shine Tote. I was told that I should not use anything on it. They explain it with the special and traditional way Miu Miu leather is treated and coloured by Miu Miu. Modern sprays and lotions can harm the leather and change its colour. I just want to share this information. The local store where I bought the bag insisted on using Collonil Waterstop to protect the leather. The Miu Miu Store said I should not do it. Especially when I want to make use of the 2 years warranty.
  8. Please help! Where is the best place to get cleaning products in the UK? I have a Grey Bow Satchel to take care of :smile: