Leather Conditioners, Rain & Stain Repellant on your Bows, Coffers, Matelasse's?

  1. I sprayed my OLD bow and my NEW coffer with perfect results. So the repellent works on the glazed leather as well as the older bow leather.

    I doubt that the glazed leather on the new bows would react any differently since it's the same leather as my coffer. I've pretty much tried the repellent on most types of leather even exotics. The only leather I don't dare to spray on is buffalo and deerskin.

    :yes: If in doubt, always test!

    BTW, I do think that the glazed leather seems tougher than the older bow leather although it is distressed.
  2. linpaddy - if there is already a dirt spot on my nappa satchel, is there anything i can use from the appleguard line to clean the spot??

    and also i have bought a glazed deerskin bag - what product would you suggest i use to protect it?? thanks!
  3. What kind of dirt spot? What color is your bag? Do you have pictures?

    I'm not sure about glazed deerskin. I think the glaze is pre-treatment already but I don't know enough about it. If I haven't tried it, I don't want to give you wrong info!

    Perhaps somebody else can share their experiences?
  4. Here it is linpaddy - It's already there when i got it from eBay.
    any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
    Picture 003.jpg
  5. I can't see anything except for a very faint black mark and some whiteness (due to flash)?

    If it's just a tiny faint mark, I wouldn't worry about it. The mark will blend in naturally with the leather over time. :yes:
  6. linpaddy, how often have you or do you reapply the applegard water & stain repellent?

    i used it (with much trepidation) on my prada fairy bag, and i was shockingly pleased with the results!!! no bleeds, no change in softness/texture or smell of the leather

    i've also just used LMB for handles only as an extra layer of protection for the handles, as i've heard great things about this product... the other LMB products i've heard mixed reviews about, so i decided to go with applegard
  7. That's good to know, thanks! :tup: I was just worried that some products could make the bag less shiny since I have heard such stories about other brands. Still good to be cautious and test just in case!

    And although I haven't seen the older bow leather, I agree that the new distressed leather is pretty tough. That's why I opted to not to spray it yet.
  8. I rarely reapply the Appleguard repellent since I usually rotate my bags. But I do reapply the guard on winter bags in case of rain.

    So let's say I buy a Prada bag in Spring. I spray the repellent on it before I use it and respray again (after cleaning off any dirt/marks) before Winter if I plan to use the bag.

    One of my friends used the repellent first on her fairy shoes with great results.

    You're probably the first person to use Appleguard on the Fairy bag!
    I wouldn't spray it regularly with the repellent if you only plan to use it occasionally. Remember, the repellent does not protect against heavy spills so you still need to be careful. :yes:

    I would still baby that bag!

  9. oh linpaddy, TOO LATE!!! i sprayed her with appleguard repellent when i first got her, and i've worn her EVERY DAY SINCE then (less than a week)... i love her so much, and i really just cannot use any other bag anymore. she really is just perfect, , perfect size, handle length, color... i am not going to just put her on a pedestal and admire... i figured for having spent this much money, i better ENJOY her!! and i do!:heart: maybe i will reapply the repellent every 3-6 months, if i keep on with how much i am using her.
  10. where can i get the appleguard spray in the UK??

  11. leatherstuff.com ships to most countries, including UK. =)


  12. Thank you :smile:

    So which products would be best to get to use on my allumino bow??

  13. oh that I'm not 100% sure.
    But if I had an alluminio that has never been used yet. I'd follow linpaddy's practice with her brand new bags. She sprays them with rain and stain water repellant.
  14. is it advisable to use the apple rain and stain repellant on my mughetto bow thats been used for a couple of months?
  15. My black coffer lost its shine..anyone knows how to bring it back ? With LMb shine restore ?