Leather Conditioners, Rain & Stain Repellant on your Bows, Coffers, Matelasse's?

  1. Just wanted to ask you ladies if you've used any of these products on your Miu Miu bags?

    I'm thinking of using the Conditioner and Repellant to protect my bow and my front pocket tote, but I'm not sure if I should do it.

    Any advise from the experts or from those who have used these products, is greatly appreciated! =)
  2. I've used the Coach conditioner on my mughetto bow. I use it everytime she gets wet. There were unexpected showers while I was wearing my bow satchel. She's still perfect!
  3. Last night I sprayed a small part of my Bow old leather with Wilsons spray protector to see what it would do and it dried just fine, so I will do the rest of it. I do most all my bags with it. But I havnet done the distressed bags with it yet.
  4. Thanks Ladies for your input. I might try to use both then.

    Or, if I've use a repellant that there's no need to use a conditioner anymore? true?
  5. I used Apple Gard conditioner on both my bow satchel & spring satchel. So far so good.
  6. So when you ladies use the Conditioner on your bows, their color doesn't fade, right?

    I used my Amarena over the weekend and I never conditioned her yet. I noticed a slight change in her color on the part where the handles are.. that part is not that shiny anymore.. and I think it's because it got rubbed with my clothes. =(
  7. Hi, I have been trying everything, and finally I found collection of products designed for Balenciaga bags at:


    I used them on all Miu Miu bags I have - white nappa, white buffalo leather...it has the greatest cleaner and moisterizer, also something you rub into handles so that they do not get dirty easily.... and all the products SMELL GREAT...your bag smells fresh, girly ..cheers, vesna


  8. Thanks vesna for the info! I'll check out their website. =)
  9. i used this leather balm introduced by the miu miu sa in my country on my zaffiro gathered bag.. and also experienced some colour rubbing on the cloth n the bag!! the bag not as shiny!!!!!! :_(

    i used it initially cause scare the distressed leather will 'crack' up.. but now i totally regretted! :crybaby:
  10. yikes!!! that's scary! maybe you should've used that balm on a small part of your bag just to test if it'll work. aaawww! sorry to hear what happened to your bag, Dolly! *hugs*
  11. Has anyone tried Scotchgard on Bbag?

  12. Maybe the B gals would know? :yes:

    Ladies, I've officially used up one bottle of Apple Guard Rain/Dirt Repellent on some of my bags/shoes with fantastic results. Meaning no color change (darkening or fading) or spots. For reference, the purses/shoes are:
    1) Miu Miu Coffer in Sandalo (distressed leather)
    2) Miu Miu Clutch in Gold metallic leather
    3) Prada Lambskin Gauffre Shopper, Clutch, and wallet
    4) Prada Satin shoes
    5) Augousti Python Clutch
    6) Unused vintage Croc Clutch
    7) Prada Patent Mary Jane (pink)
    8) Prada Suede Heels
    9) Various CLs in suede, patent, soft leather, satin etc

    Note that the above items are all NEW or Unused so I decided to go for preventive care. On patent leather, I actually rubbed away the excess spray with a soft cloth since it wasn't readily absorbed.

    I didn't dare to use the spray on buffalo skin though!!

    I also compared the Coach Leather Moisturizer to Apple Guard Leather Cleaner and found the latter brand to be SUPERIOR! No sticky feeling and overall great product.
  13. Thank sooo much for sharing your experience with the repellant.

    So, you only used the repellent and not the Apple Guard Moisturizer?

    I want to know if I still need the moisturizer if I've sprayed my bows with the repellant. I'm so curious to know as I want to moisturizer/spray repellant on my bows first before I use them.
  14. I used the repellent on all my new purchases and the moisturizer on my black lambskin coffer (carried a few times).

    The repellent left my bags and shoes soft and silky to the touch and I'm very pleased. Note that I also followed instructions carefully and spent a whole day 'repelling'. Instead of one heavy coat, I sprayed my bags lightly, respraying when necessary (30 minute intervals). I also sprayed from a distance of about 10 to 11 inches away (I'm that paranoid). Then I let my bags air dry in a shady and well-ventilated place.

    I also gently wiped away excess spray from the metal components of the bags since they don't need protection.

    I strongly believe in preventive care although Prada has no special instructions for pre-treating lambskin bags. I know that some members do not pre treat their bags but so far, Apple Guard has worked for me.

    As usual, I strongly caution everybody to seek advice first and please do a test spot. Do not spray heavily and directly on your bag.

    The moisturizer was more gel/cream than creamy and had a very pleasing smell. I used it to clean my shiny calf skin Miu Miu wallet and the results are:

    1) Left no smudges
    2) No color came off
    3) Very quick to 'dry'

    I had previously used the Coach moisturizer and it was

    1) Sticky and left smudges
    2) Suspicious red color on the cloth!!!!!

    Last but not least, Apple Guard products left my bags smelling god. All leather products retained their lovely and original leather scent!
  15. I think the new season bows with the distressed, glazed leather will react differently than the old season bows, so ladies with the new season should be careful and test products on a small, hidden spot first.