Leather Colour transfer on Hermes Bags?

  1. I don't have much experience with the Hermes Leathers so I'm hoping someone could shed some light...Is colour transfer something I should be cautious of when carrying my Hermes Bag? :shrugs: Anyone with experiences they can share or know things that I should look out for/avoid? :flowers:

    I feel that the Hermes Leathers looks pretty hardy and seem less susceptible to colour transfer from Fabrics (e.g. Jeans/Dark Colour Clothes), unlike certain leathers like Lambskin which is more delicate.
    But I am also wondering if it will be prone to colour transfer from other leathers such as a Leather Jacket, or Leather Boots? :confused1:

    I've been told never to put a Lambskin Chanel Bag next to another leather bag as the colour will be transferred to the Lambskin one.:sweatdrop: Does that apply to Togo, Clemence, Chevre, Epsom, Ostrich as well?

    Also, which leathers tend to be more prone to colour transfer and which ones are hardier?

    Thank you so much! I'd love to hear your views. :flowers:
  2. The only problem I ever heard is with the white bags, but I'd like to hear what everyone else has to say.
  3. So far I have not had any colors transfer, I have been wearing a very light bag with a dark coat lately and no problem. I read somewhere that bluejeans can stain white leather though.:sad:
    I have seen on a friends bag, silver from her belt (sterling silver buckle) make a mark on her gold color bag, but she was able to clean it with leather cleaner.
  4. I have a bag in Blue Jean Clemence and have had no problems with color transfer even wearing new dark jeans and the like. :flowers:
  5. Thanks hermesgroupie & Avan! :flowers:

    I heard about White colour being a concern too....:sweatdrop: but I find BJ, Vert Anis, Orange/Potiron, Fuschia and even the Gold not very 'Dark' Colours...I'm just thinking that since we usually carry our Bags on the crook of our arms or in the palm of our hands...What if we wore leather gloves or leather coats? Wouldn't the colour of our gloves/coats transfer on to the handle of our leather H-bags? :wtf:

    That's really good to hear Crochetbella! Thank you for sharing that! I LOVE the BJ colour!!:love:
  6. I've had no problems with Potiron and the only leather I've heard of probs. with is the white.
  7. never carry a white H bag on your shoulder and having it rub against your denim jeans!
  8. Thanks guys!!!

    It's really good to know that other than the White Bags, the other colours seem safe to carry casually with Jeans and all!
  9. This is not really about color, but I read somewhere here that you should be careful when carrying a box leather bag while wearing jeans because the jeans can rub the leather and you can get white spots that are impossible to repair.