leather color transfer

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  1. i wore my new belt this week. one side is black, the other red. togo i think. i wore it black side out with very very light grey pants. today i looked and the red rubbed off everywhere on the top of the pants. i brought it in to the cleaners to see if they can get it out but what can i do to avoid this in the future? does this happen with all leather stuff?
  2. I have never had any of my H leather discolor anything else...hmmmmmm
  3. Mine neither. I have the Constance in Black Box and Chocolate Togo and I've never had a rubbing issue. I wonder if it's just the red?
  4. i guess it must be the red. i hope it comes out of my pants....
  5. My black quitte ou has rubbed off on several of my shirts. Talk about ring around the collar.
  6. Might have something to do with the fact that ALL red dyes are the least stable of all pigments. Think red doors and red cars and how quickly their colour changes.
  7. ooh i haven't checked the necklace and my shirts. eep!
  8. My black leather necklace used to rub off on my skin until I went to have the leather replaced at H.
  9. Wowza...would never have expected it... I have only worn my belt (black/gold) w/ black and denim...no transfer issues...
  10. i didn't even realize what it was. i kept trying to think about what color shirt i was wearing til i remembered the belt.
  11. You should take it in and have it replaced. In my opinion this is unacceptable.
  12. do you think it would stop? my pants shouldn't be permemnantly dyed right? i brought them in to the cleaners this morning.
  13. It shouldn't have happened in the first place, that's why you should have it replaced.
  14. Agreed. The dye on belts especially should be colour-fast. They're worn on fabric, for goodness' sake! And I mean ALL belts, let alone H!!
  15. That sounds wrong -- I would take it back.