Leather Coco Cabas in navy: should I keep it?

  1. I couldn't resist to get it but I'm not sure if it's the right bag for me. Does anyone like this new navy color?

  2. LOVES IT!!!!!I just bought my THIRD baby Cabas!!LOL!The best bag ever!
  3. i don't have this navy one, but out of all the baby cabas, navy is one of my favorite. if it works with your wardrobe then you should keep it!
  4. Wow! What colors do u have?
  5. I think there's still a few you can order if you like it. I think the blue will go with all the greys that I wear. But I'm still kind of unsure but I don't exactly know what I'm unsure about. You know that feeling? :confused1:
  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I want this bag in this color
    If you don't keep it I WANT IT
  7. I like the navy but I :heart: my bronze the most and one of my rules is no duplicate in different colors so I won't get the navy.

    BUT I know your feeling, I feel like that ALL the time with all my chanel purchases :wtf: !!!(well, with the exception of the grey 226 reissue, with that one I was very determined!)

    What I do is I play with my wardrobe with the bag in front of the mirror to see how does the bag look with my favorite clothes. Usually the one that goes well with my existing wardrobe would be a keeper!
  8. I love the blue leather :love: ........sometimes a color leather can be hard to wear and match with clothing. Just make sure you have plenty of things it will go with. I love blue.....it would go with almost everything I own!!!!!:yes:
  9. definately keep it! the baby cabas is my favorite chanel bag right now. i use mine all the time.
  10. Keep it! That's a great color!
  11. I have it in teal,black,and my bronze will be here on Thurs!!LOL!
    Even PHH says he has never seen me wear a bag sooooo much!I may be converted!!!
  12. Oh Jill! You've done it again! :roflmfao:
  13. ^LOL..I know..Im sick...LMAO..triplets!!
  14. I've noticed the black Cabas was a bit grey and the navy is a bit grey. The stitching looks the most navy. Do you agree?

    I really like this navy. It's not so obvious, so it can blend with many things. I think it's a great bag... but if you are unsure, then perhaps it should go back.
  15. Oh your bag is GORGEOUS!!!