Leather cleaner

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  1. Someone please advise me on what product to use to clean my Darwin wallet. It is a mess and it needs a good spruce up.
    Can you use the Collonil lotion on the darwin and natural leather?
    Do I need to use a polish afterwards?
  2. ^^^ Hi keri - You can use the lotion but it might make the leather look Shiny so that is why they recommend not to use anything but the spray.
  3. ^^^^Thanks Tara.
    Can I clean the leather though? My wallet is a bit dirty from rolling around in my bag.
  4. Yes if you don`t mind that it might bring it up shiny.

    I would try just a tiny bit inside first,just to see the colour fast..
  5. Great minds, because I was thinking the same thing!! :P

    So, are you loving your bag???
    I have to admit, I did sniffle a bit wrapping it up. It was one of those purchases that made me high for days!!
    The leather is just fantastic, non?
  6. Great minds !!! Just pmed you....

    Its great and I love it to bits its just a shame that I have to hide it in my wardrobe ..for now :

    Postman came at 7.15am I jumped straight out of bed and bombed downstairs ( I must of looked a right state !!)

    DH still snoring in bed...................................
  7. Gosh sorry....how rude !!! forgot to ask how your little lad is ??

    Did you get any Piriton medicine ??