Leather Cleaner smell

  1. I love the smell of my handbag's leather.

    My leather juicy couture bag has very faint blue smudges on it, it's never really bothered me and I'm not quite sure where it's from. Cleaning it is not a priority to me as it is barely noticeable anyway.

    Today I was in Nordstorms and just out of curiousity, I asked the sales lady how they cleaned their leather bags, and she said, "Oh! We have something REALLY good! let me show you!"

    She leads me to a counter and tells me to place my bag on it. She takes some stuff in a bottle and puts it on some kind of rag (it is obviously what the store uses to clean all their leather bags) and then asks me to show her the "stain" and i show it to her, and she rubs it away.

    The stain is gone, but I smelled the liquid and my now stainless bag and it smelled BAD! The leather cleaner had a bitter almost urine-like chemically smell to it and I hated it!!

    I would have rather had my bag with the very faint blue stain then now having it smell like that bitter chemical!

    She showed me the bottle, and it was "leather cleaner" but it had pictures of leather shoes on its label, that put me off as well.

    What would you girls think about this?!

    I am not too happy

    1) I did not ask her to clean my bag
    2) The nice smell of genuine leather is now masked with a chemical uriney bitter smell of cleaner. ugh.

    Would you girls be happy with this?
    Or would you just be happy with the bag clean.

    maybe im just a nut for liking the genuine leather smell so much.
  2. Nordies uses Cadillac leather cleaner. The Apple Garde leather cleaner smells similar. Don't worry, the smell goes away after a short while... :smile:
  3. I bet the smell goes away after a while too.