Leather Chocolate Carly...

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  1. Can you ladies show me picture of the Chocolate leather Carly?? I am thinking of buying one, but I am debating between the Leather and the Signature... So please give me you opinions..:tup:
  2. I'd love to see pics too!!

    I just CAN'T seem to decide between Choco Sig or Choco leather... TIA!

    So far my heart belongs to the sig.
  3. I've the leather one and I think it's not as popular as the signature one. I love it but it's a bit heavy. May be it's the hardware or the pad on the strap. But overall, it's a great classic bag!
  4. I ddi own the chocolate leather.. I have to say in the Carly I prefer signature BUT the leather was beautiful, no doubt about it! GL! :tup:
  5. Heres mine. I actually just got it all dressed up again to use tomorrow as its supposed to rain and this is a great all-weather bag. The chocolate leather is almost edible is soooo gorgeous!

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  6. Oooooh...here's mine!!

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  7. HMMM those bags are so good to eat. I love it... Thanks ladies I am really into the leather But I guess I should try it own since I am a adorably chubby girl...
  8. I like the leather better... it seems more classic, while I always think the signature is a bit more "trendy." If you want a bag that you will be using a lot, I feel like leather holds up better in the long run... signature seems to have problems with fraying...
  9. What size it this?? Is it the large?
  10. Yes and it's so comfy!! But yes, try it on before you decide. The leather is so yummy!:tup:
  11. I'm starting to gravitate to the leather myself. I found a chili carly last night at the outlet (I swear I'm writing this in all my posts today) and the leather was amazing! Definitely check it out if you can. :smile: My sig bags are paling in comparison.. A little heavy though, yes. I haven't put anything in it yet.
  12. The carly will look amazing on you no matter your size! I am a large girl myself and it looks just fine (I have a large black sig). My pics are in the carly lovers club if you want them for size reference!


    The pics are at the bottom of this page! Hope that helps!