Leather charms/keyrings

  1. I'm thinking I've seen some leather charms/keyrings somewhere (probably eBay) from Hermes. Do they make these, and what different ones do they have? Also, do they make them with gold hardware? I'd like to maybe get one to hang on my LV:graucho: .
  2. Funny you should ask, I asked this same question yesterday. They only come in sterling silver. BTW, make sure to have the keychains authenticated here first. There's a lot of fake keychains on ebay. Regarding what they make, it's a whole zoo of animals.
  3. and fruits!
  4. Yeah, I won't buy one off eBay. I thought I remembered seeing some on there, though. I guess I won't get one since the silver won't go with my LV.
  5. A whole zoo of animals and a cornucopia of fruits.
  6. :biggrin: hermesgroupie!
  7. and vegetables! (well..ok..I saw one eggplant..)..
  8. Hahaha, Fesdu! =) Perhaps an herb, too? Aren't bananas classified as herbs? Okay, enough of this.
  9. Oh my!!!! LOL!

    Anyway, an Hermes gold charm (Elephant, hippo...) would look great on your LV bags!
  10. The charms I see on eBay look small. Where would you hang it, on the zipper? Or maybe the on the brass where the handles attach to the bag (on certain bags, like the Speedy)? I love the charms, I think they're adorable. I saw a pelican on eBay today, so cute :heart:
  11. I've got a hippo that I bought at Hermes back in April, but I thought he might be a little small to hang on my LV Batignolles Horizontal. For Speedys, these small charms would look great on the tab for the lock:yes: . Maybe I'll give it a try later on my BH.
  12. Yup! LV usually has hardware pieces for handles and leather tabs with holes (Speedy, Alma) that would be perfect for a little charm. I love the Hippo right now!
  13. They're made of leftover scraps from the handbags. But no two are ever alike.
  14. Is there anywhere online that you ladies would recommend that would have a display of the selection of different Hermes leather charms (just for looking, not to buy)? I was browsing for them on ebay earlier, but found mostly the metal locks; there were a few of the leather charms, but not a selection anywhere near what it sounds like is available. :huh: There was one adorable little kitty, though...:love:

    I'm not ready to begin collecting Hermes bags yet, but I've been in love with their scarves for a while, and have recently discovered that they make adorable charms as well; I'm a sucker for bag bling. I figured I could start out small, with some scarves and charms, and work my way up, hehe. I've also heard some wonderful things about the Hermes forum here on tPF, and knew this was the place to ask about anything Hermes-related. Thanks for your help! :flowers: