Leather Carly zipper

  1. I bought a leather Carly in camel at Macy's yesterday, and I absolutely LOVE it, but I'm noticing now that the zipper doesn't close all the way at the end. I remember seeing a picture of a cotton Carly that definitely didn't have this issue.

    Did I just get a bad Carly, or does the zipper not close entirely on all leather Carlys? :confused1:
  2. I have a signature Carly and I think there is a tiny bit that doesn't close on mine as well. I'm sure if I really pulled the zipper it would close the gap, but if I zipper it quickly, it does leave a little bit open on the end. I don't really think much of it though since the gap is so tiny on mine. Is the gap large on yours?
  3. I have a large leather Carly and the zipper closes all the way. There is a teeny tiny gap at one end between the zipper and the leather-it is barely big enough for me to put the tip of my pinky in.
  4. Here's a picture of my zipper. Is this normal? I'm just worried that it's going to start opening while I'm wearing it!
  5. That's like mine. I wouldn't think so, mine never has. But then again mine is a lot stiffer (I have a demi). I think the zipper just doesn't go all the way over when I do sort of like a quick zip. If I really take the time to pull the zipper all the way closed, I usually don't have the problem.
  6. It's like that in my pouch.
    I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. Thanks, girls! Now I can go back to being absolutely in love with my beautiful Carly! :yahoo:
  8. I have a medium leather carly and my zipper doesn't close all the way at the end. It doesn't bother me and it has never started to open while I was wearing it.