Leather CARLY questions, please! (New to Coach)

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am new to Coach and I am completely in love the Black Leather CARLY (not the large one, but the regular sized one).
    I have not yet tried it on IRL, but I have a few questions to all of you Carly owners:

    * Is the bag really heavy?
    * Does the strap STAY on your arm, or does it slip off?

    I am looking for a one compartment, one strap bag, and this one seems to be perfect. I am having shoulder surgery next month, so I do not have the "luxury" of switching shoulders when I am wearing my shoulder bag. I wear my bag on one shoulder only, so I am looking for something relatively lightweight.
    Any guidance?

    Thank you all so much!!!
  2. I have the chocolate leather Carly! She is a BEAUTIFUL bag!!! but I cannot take her on a shopping trip b/c she gets VERY heavy, AND she keeps slipping off my shoulder! The first time I took her, I thought I was going to SCREAM!!!! I immediately went to the boutique the NEXT DAY and bought my chocolate signature Ergo hobo, and I have been using THIS bag ever since! (see my avatar) I LOVE the look of the chocolate leather Carly, but, honestly, she is a HEAVY bag. She is NOT a lightweight bag, which seems like what you need w/ having surgery and all. Good luck w/ your shoulder surgery and keep us posted on your Coach decision!
  3. I have a medium signature Carly in black and find that the purse is very light and does not slip off of my shoulder. I have a large wallet, checkbook, small make-up bag, brush, keys and a phone in my purse, so it's definitely NOT empty. Maybe the leather is heavier? I LOVE my Carly!
  4. I have the medium in black signature, and it is (for me) not a heavy bag. The strap is very comfortable and does not slip off my arm. The leather may be somewhat heavier, but I seem to remember another PF'er posting that despite her first thought of the leather being significantly heavier, upon weighing both bags it was only slightly heavier.

    You may just have to try it on in the store to see if it is a mangeable weight for you.

    Good luck and keep us posted - she is a great bag!
  5. I don't think Carly is too heavy for me, but Mommyville is definitely right about the Ergo being the best option if you are truly looking for a lightweight bag!! Try both of them on in the store (transfer the contents of your bag to the trial bag and wear it around awhile). Good luck...and let us know what you decide. (P.S. Good luck with surgery)
  6. Thank you so much for all of the info.
    You ladies are all so nice over here in COACH!
    I really love the style of the Carly; it is simple, yet nicely detailed.
    I don't love the look of the Ergo bags as much, but I will go this weekend to my COACH Store and see what works for me.
    I am in total LOOOOOOVE with this leather Carly!
  7. Thank you!
    Tore my rotator cuff; heard the surgery recovery is a nightmare, but I am going into it with a smile and a positive attitude! There are much worse things in life....
  8. DONT buy a bag you dont love!!!!! You are in TOTAL love w/ the Carly..... try her on in the store in BOTH the leather and the signature w/ YOUR stuff in her and see how YOU feel when you walk around w/ her on your shoulder! Like I said, I HAVE the chocolate LEATHER Carly.........she IS a BEAUTIFUL bag!!!!! I find her heavy, but that's ME! YOU may think she's not that heavy on you! Keep in mind though....I go on shopping trips that last 4-5 hours at a time, usually w/ my 2 kids in tow! PLEASE keep us posted!!!! I'll be thinking of you!!!! :yes:
  9. I had the leather chocolate medium Carly and she is beautiful!!!! To me she stays on my shoulder pretty darn well and does not get too heavy.. if I have her on for a really long time I can tell it is on, unlike the soho or ergo, but to ME she is not heavy. Try it out, see what you think.. good luck with your surgery too!! :flowers:
  10. Mommyville and Fieldsinspring, Thank you for the kind words and thoughts.
    I think I will stick around this COACH forum more often!
    Everyone is SWEET!
    I will go try these bags this weekend and let you know what I think. I don't have kids and I don't (generally) go on the 4 to 5 hour marathon shopping trips, but then again, the holidays are a-coming! LOL!

    I am also digging this new Bleeker line! How have I missed out on so much about COACH???? I need to get out more! LOL!
  11. I think if you got the large Carly you may notice the weight issue. However, I tried on Carly in medium and barely noticed!
    If you are in love with her design, you should get her. I prefer large bags, so I am going to get large black leather Carly. I have the signature version and she manages very well.
    If you are having surgery, having any bag at all may not be the most comfortable at first, so you may as well invest in one that you will love even when the pain gets lesser!

    Good luck and hope you heal quickly!

  12. You are more than welcome!! Please do stick around, this place is great! :tup:
    When the bleecker line came out I can honestly say I hated it lol now I am loving a lot of the styles in bleecker, especially after seeing then irl. The only thing I don't like as well about them is the length.. I am so used to the shoulder shorter bags now that I find :graucho:I really prefer that.. they are beautiful though!!!
  13. Oh, thank so much, and yes, I do love this bag!
    It's funny, I have been in and out of Nordstrom, Bloomies, Saks, Neimans, Macys, you name it, and nothing, I mean NOTHING excites me at all unless it is worlds out of my price range. Someone suggested this Carly bag to me, and I have been crazy for it since. I do not know WHY I have not been into a COACH Store in ages! God knows we have one in every mall here in Atlanta! So, now I can't get to the mall fast enough. I have looked online and have seen so many COACH bags I like, but the CARLY seems to be the front-runner. I also cannot believe the regular retail price of $398 is completely in my price range (Of course, now I am learning about this 25% off PCE card and I am a little jealous already!!! LOL!)
    I am so excited now. (pathetic as it sounds, I am still holding onto birthday money from JULY for my new "birthday" bag but have found absolutely nothing I like until this point!!!)
    I know my left shoulder will be well in time and rehab, so my Carly will strengthen my other arm in the meantime!!! LOL!!!
    I'll let you know what happens, in the meantime any more advice or suggestions are warmly welcomed.
    (I may become the newest member of the COACH PF family!)
  14. I think we are all excited for you! We may all have different tastes and preferences for what we carry ourselves, but nothing is more exciting than to see each other SUPER excited and in love with a bag for themselves!!!! :smile:

    Also, love the pic of your doggie. Ours could be friends :smile:
  15. My advice...just go check some bags out in the store. So many times I see a bag and I love the look of it, but it just doesn't work for me for whatever reason. I just bought an Ergo Tote last week and at first I wasn't sure I liked it, but after carrying it for a few days I fell in love. So you just never know, sometimes you have to try them on to see what you like the most. Let us know what you decide on, and good luck with your surgery.