Leather carly or leather ergo tote

  1. I love both of these bag, i have a carly in beet and a black signature ergo medium. i'm thinking about a leather one, which one should i pick????? I don't think carly are out the outlet yet, but ergo are, so i'm leaning towards ergo just b/c of the price. help please....thanks
  2. Some outlets do have the carlys. I got a suede one today, but they had a leather one a few weeks ago. I personally like the carly, but either one is wonderful.
  3. I would go with the carly not that I have ever had one but I hear great things about them.. plus I just ordered my first Khaki/Chocolate Carly
  4. I would pick the leather ergo tote. I actually just got a black one and paid full price since I dont have ready access to an outlet:tdown:, so you know how much I love this bag!
    Here's mine all dressed up!
    black ergo tote.jpg
  5. hi coach girl, are you from AZ as well. I just noticed you're from Scottdale, too bad we do not have any outlet here in AZ. We should complain so hopefully we can get one. :tup:
  6. I would definitely go with the Ergo. They are so classic and also very lightweight for their size. Very easy to carry. Plus, I love the legacy stripe interior. If you look at the old Bonnie Cashin bags with their legacy stripe, it is easy to see that the Ergos will be a timeless bag.

    To me, the Carly is very fashionable, but may not be as classic as an ergo.
  7. That is such a tough decission. But my vote would be for the leather Carly.
  8. I like them both but I love the leather Carly, it is a really nice looking bag.
  9. I vote for ERGO!!!! IMO they are the BEST bags ever b/c they are sooooooo lightweight that when you have one on your arm, you dont even know it's there!!!! And I marathon shop for 5 hours at a time, so for me, this is GREAT!!!! PLUS they are ADORABLE to look at!!!! I am soooooooo wanting a tote now, too, as I have 2 ergo hobos...its time for a tote now!!!!! I vote ERGO!!!!!
  10. i think ergo win out, i'm trying to call several outlets to see which one has the ergo in leather. let you guys know which one i will pick up.
  11. I think I would pick ergo because I LOVE Carly but I really prefer her in signature. Also Leather Carlys are only at the outlets if they are returns as far as I know so they won't be as cheap and the will be hard to find. The leather carly just isn't quite the same.. so I say ergo! :tup:
  12. I LOVE my Ergo Tote!! :smile:
  13. I WANT an Ergo Tote....WHINE!!!!! LOL:hysteric:
  14. Definitely Ergo Tote! Mine just came out of it's dust bag last week when I put the Leather Carly back into its and into the shopping bag to go back. The Carly is like a bottomless pit inside to me. The slouchiness and size of the Large Carly just don't work for me.
  15. I have the carly in leather but I don't have an ergo tote. I have an ergo hobo. Now I wish I had got a leather ergo instead of a leather carly. I think is probably just a personal preference of mine. I prefer the carly in the signature.