leather carly or leather bleecker shopper. help me decide

  1. should i get leather carly in black or leather bleecker shopper in black
  2. I love the Carly! They're pretty different types of bags. Have you tried them on? That often helps me decide.:yes:
  3. Hi there, I vote for the Bleeker Shopper. My opinion may be a bit biased though, I'll be heading down to NY next weekend (I'm from Canada) to return/exchange my Miranda hopefully for the the Bleeker. Have you tried either of them on? That's what makes my final decision, when it's on my shoulder or in my hand it just feels right and I know the decision is done.
  4. I agree with Tanukiki, they are two totally different bags. The Carly to me is more slouchy and casual, while the shopper is more structured and formal. That said, I would still use either as an every day bag. I have a Carly and love it very much, and I do also like the shopper as long as it would fit over my shoulder - I havent seen it in real life yet, but it looks like a beautiful bag. You really cant go wrong either way. As someone said, go and try them on and see how they feel.
  5. If you can try these 2 bags on, I would. I agree that they are totally different bags, one being very casual and the other more dressy. Both are very nice bags and just depends on your needs. I'd try them on and put my stuff in it to see how you like them. I lean towards the shopper because the carly hurts my shoulder but that's just me!
  6. I just bought the shopper and love it...so thats my vote.
  7. Hands down, the leather Carly! I love the style of the bag. And the leather looks sooo luscious!!!! I think that signature Carlys are very casual, but the leather carlys can be dressy. I think if you add a lovely scarf, you'll have a gorgeous dressy bag. (though even w/o the scarf it would look lovely w/ a suit/dress). Good luck deciding and let us know what you get!
  8. I vote for the bleecker shopper. I love that bag, and I'm really not a fan of the Carly...especially not in leather. :tdown:
  9. I just saw the shopper today and it's so gorgeous!! It's officially on my wishlist! I love Carly (have 3!) but the shopper is so pretty! I normally stay away from bags with 2 straps but this one felt great!
    It's a personal choice though so I'd definitely check them both out first!
  10. They are totally different types of bags!

    IMO tho.. I love the carly!
  11. I have the Carly in leather and I LOVE her! She is perfect for work and for schelping around, especially as a carry-on bag.

    But I also love the shopper and have been in serious lust with her. She is definitely a more structured bag that probably won't be able to go over my shoulder.

    I agree with everyone - they are b oth so different in their own lovely way so I think t depends upon what you need her for.

    Good luck!
  12. Handbag girl, could you post modeling pics of the shopper?? How heavy is it?? It looks really nice on the website..my local store doesn't carry it so I'll have to drive a little ways to look at it!
  13. Well I have a medium leather carly in chocolate and I have to say she is beautiful and yummy and I love her!!!! :yes:
  14. In addition to what everyone elese has said, the leather is also very different. The black on the shopper is more mute whereas the carly leather is very soft and more shiny.

    I personally like the carly leather in black and the shopper in the british tan leather. I would definitely check it out and see what you like.:yes: