LEATHER Carly -- Does anyone know of if they will be available in more colors?

  1. I just read Sialia's thread and looked at her pics of her new camel leather large Carly and fell in love! I've liked the Carly for awhile now and it's sooo comfortable everytime I try one on, but my personal preference is towards all leather bags. Currently I know of the leather Carly being offered in black, camel and parchment.
    Does anyone know if they are going to make the Carly in different colors of leather? Choices like the legacy line? I love:heart: love:heart: love this bag but already have a black tote, soho leather tote 10037, and just got the camel soho leather satchel, 10580. I'm a new collector so I cannot justify two of the same color/size to my DH right now (or really to myself, yet:graucho: ) I would love a large leather Carly but would really love it in like, *dreaming* whiskey:drool: , but that color is d/c, right?
    Any new leather colors in the works for the Carly? Oh, and not suede.

    I'm going to go ahead and post this and then go take some long overdue photos of my girls and then try and attach them to the thread.
  2. I wish Coach would design a red with black accents Carly.
  3. That would be absolutely beautiful.
    Wish you worked for Coach design, lols.
  4. I would love to see a navy blue leather carly..

  5. OOH! I like the way you think! Put me down for one of those, too!!:nuts:
  6. ^^^:wtf: would me my rection too!!!
  7. I would really like a mahogany carly with the black leather accents. That bag would really rock!
  8. I'd love one in a dark purple leather with black patent straps and silver hardware. :drool:
  9. i agree! :yes:
  10. I am with you Liz and would love to see the brown and black combo.
  11. May I please have one of each??:biggrin:
  12. I'd love to see a Carly with the signature stripe lining...

    As for colors, mahogony, deep jade, navy and plum would all rock!
  13. pond blue with "rusted"/"tarnished" silver hardware would be nice
  14. Oh, mahogany with black or a pond version both sound awesome! I was actually just wondering this same thing, if there'd be more colors later. I love my camel carly and am considering black but I'd really like a dark brown. I'm hoping the do some new colors for late summer and fall! A bordeaux or deep red would be lovely too!
  15. I wish! I also think navy would be fantastic. I, for one, would like to see some sort of neutral orange leather shade in coach (they don't currently have that, do they?).